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I'm finally caught up with coloring this. Unfortunately I've been a little sick, okay really sick so I haven't got the next pages drawn up yet. But I will try to hit that soon ^^

Bare with me ~<3
And hopefully I'll have the last ink page colored by this time tomorrow but I am sick and I do have work >.> then I can finally get back into drawing the next lot of pages for the chapter... ^^
sorry this took so long I had computer issues meaning I had to reboot it then that meant getting EVERYTHING back I lost. Hopefully in the next day or two I should have the next two pages up ^^;

Unfortunately I'm only on a PSCS6 trial version so I might get cut off again.
I just found your comic here and I must say it's hilarious! ^^ this page had me giggling such a clueless expression... its adorable
And that's all folks this was part of Xiaa's FFVII Summer Anthology...

I felt like I needed a finished Doujin/Comic up here >.>;

Anyways I've decided this will be part of a SephxZack Doujin Compilation that I will probably start working on once I'm back in NZ...

FFVII (c) Square Enix

Idea/Art (c) Myself...

Hope you enjoyed it!

Just the cover for a short 10 page Yaoi Doujin of mine
@xiaa: thx sweetie! Me too this week is going to be a little bit busy due to Diablo 3 and Max Payne 3 coming out. But I'll try to get something done hopefully ^^;

And lul Seph is cutting off heads... so who there needs to worry about Zombies ;p
Apologies for taking so long I was loosing my drive so I took a hiatus before I drew the page... Issues at work hold me up and break my inspiration.

And yes that zombie/infected just gave Rufus a second bout of Geostigma.
Was aiming for a little bit of humor in this page since the doujin had been lacking some for a few pages and I'm all about the lul...

So yes Seph is willing to say to Gen that he made him crazy while walking off to who knows where with a decapitated zombie head... >.>

So next section I'm soooooo going back to the Clack... cause I can! >.>; Eventually everyone will meet up again... Just trying to combine the peeps in the Slums, Shera V2.0, Seventh Heaven, Healin and where ever the hell Reno is with the chopper, it'll all take some time. Hopefully by the end of the chapter they'll all be in the WRO T_T I hope... or at least on the way there...

Who knows...

FFVII (c) Square Enix
@Kunai Youki: they are my fav yuri couple ;p so had to be something somewhere for them ^^
@Kunai Youki: lol I don't think so. I take it as a complement... <3
@Kunai Youki:
Lol lyrics from Gackt! <3<3<3
Okay so I forgot about continuity in the last panel that and I really struggle to draw right hands cause I use my own as a ref and well I draw right handed >.>; so my bad that and it was late when I drew the last panel....

One more page to go in the Rufus section of this manga before I switch back to the Clack-ness scene <3<3<3

And what do you know 8 days since my last update even when I said I was taking a hiatus... >.<
I wasn't intending to color this till later in the week but I had kids peering at my art as I was drawing on the train... I had to close it up and pick something else to do...

OMG I actually put the chapter number on this one *makes mental note to fix up Genesis and Angeal's title pages*

The worst thing about this apart from TRYING to make the T-shirt look wet was finding lyrics that suited Cloud, I found some but they were from the same song I've reserved for Rufus' chapter title page and yes he does get one cause I like my FF blonde boys!

So Youtube it was, I was looking through rock and indie music till I found this song called Alive by Atrium or something. The song and music is nothing special but when I heard these lyrics I though 'hey why the hell not?!' Sure it's more suited to AC Cloud not after DoC Cloud (which this is supposed to be) but hey...

Enjoy Cloud stripping in water... why he did it while in the water and not before is beyond me.

FFVII (c) Square Enix
What's this an update in less than 8 days holy moly.

Dont' worry it's jsut cause I won't get time this week to get the next out... so enjoy there's a temp hiatus for this just while I go back to work and start planning my submission into Xiaa's anthology <3<3 (gunna be a mini Doujinshi that I will put up here after it's been publicly released.

FFVII (c) Squenix
Well I would say sorry for the delay and that I got held up writing some more of No Stars in Midgar, drawing Joukaimokie's b'day pronz and just over all distracting myself with Face Book, You Tube and the FFVII RP I'm in... ADD baby! But turns out I'm right on time for my 8 day wait between updates.... how odd It felt longer >.>

I like the 1st panel for the fact that it's Genesis and Seph just hanging out thar kinda like 'don't mind us, just watching' I think Rufus stopped paying attention when two former insano's decided to pay a visit. I'd not worry about the zombified father figure when two former 1st class decided to pay me a visit too... though mine would be for different reasons than Rufus... hurr.

But Yay Lazard makes his 2nd appearance...

Next page has been inked and cleaned up I just gotta color it... Seems everyone is popping up at Healin ~<3 to the Shera V2.0 for making it all possible ;p

FFVII (c) Squenix
I worked it out it takes me 8 days to get a single page out if the following applies...

1/ no fight scenes
2/ motivation for said character
3/ motivation in general
4/ allowing three days to get over above
5/ motivation for coloring
6/ lack of back grounds ^^ <3
7/ no work

That being said pg 47 I can't believe I'm so close to 50!
And yeah Rufus kidney punched his old man... Hell it's fun...

FFVII (c) Square Enix
This page just about KILLED ME! >.<
I hate President Shinra... he turned out waaaaay to large than intended.... but he is a robust figure... just not that robust @___@ but I couldn't fix it...

Once again continuity of Rufus' hair is made of fail ;p

BOOM HEAD SHOT! Yay dead Palmer is dead no more drawing him <3

FFVII (c) Square Enix
Infected are hard to draw >.>;
Yes I'm aware they look like zombies... which is a pain to draw btw hence the delay and coloring it was even worse...

I know the ex-president is supposed to wear red but for what I have planned for him... white will make it show better... <3

FFVII (c) Square Enix
@xiaa: thx sweetie! yeah I liked drawing Marlene and Denzel they were adorable to draw ^^
Well not to happy with Tifa's arm/hand in this but speech bubble made it hard for me to get the proportion correct >.<

I do like the bottom panel with Denzel and Marlene spying ^^ Kids are curious

Sorry for the delay I got called into work with only one day to recover from travel lag, then I got an infected leg the day after that @_@

I'll be working on the next page in a few days when my leg doesn't look so beaten up