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I'm a clinical sociopath. Not in the psychopathic manner, but in the medical manner. I have trouble with emotions. I'm also a genius with a tested IQ of 183. That's all you need to know.
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@kurolothgarian: Huh. I remember that well, but I must have forgotten to type it. Atty took a blast from it to protect Dragonthing.
@kurolothgarian: Wait, really? I was confident on every answer except which Pokemon George caught most.
@kurolothgarian: Challenge accepted!
Atticus Brent is Atty's full name. He's also been called Bratticus by the Masked Man.
I believe it was Pidgeys George has caught the most of.
Atty's rival was named Kahn.
In Mt. Moon, the Clefairy kept using Metronome to Self Destruct, giving Atty a crippling fear of them, and possibly PTSD.
Atty was playing an old Mario game, I've forgotten the name, where Wario magics a bucket on Mario's hat, leaving a fairy to guide the plumber through the levels. He's also a fan of Top Gun.
The first Pidgey got run over by a lawnmower. Right in front of Atticus, getting its insides on his outsides.
The first Rattatta got punted by Atticus. Multiple times (if it was indeed the same one), until it ended in Kahn's sister's place.
How well did I do? I'm just going on memory.
GODDAMNIT IT! And I was finally calming down on shipping George and Atty, then you go and give us this! Still, I wonder, will he really have the balls to take a few Pokemon? (Eh? Balls? Like pokeballs? I'm not apologizing.)
Bart's Real
Well, now we have in-universe confirmation Bart exists, for all those naysayers. Though, I'm impressed with the kid. He ain't even telling Atty not to steal, like George would. He's offering Atty rationale to steal, if he so chooses, and justify it. Considering he appears to be a homeless child, this grey morale makes sense.
I wonder... How long until George finds out DT was stolen? She's gonna be pissed.
Simple, she's the kid of Cole McGrath, obviously.
@King_Kindred: I don't think that's necessary, Atty's already dug quite the hole for himself.
*storms out in protest, then sighs* Never gonna run around and desert you.
@disastermaster: When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
@Merrsharr: Beneath the halo of a streetlamp,
@Weedborn: In restless dreams I walked alone...
@Merrsharr: And the vision that was planted in my brain still remains
@HVoice: I've come to talk to you again...
@BattleStarX: I don't think she even knows what condescending means.
@Crusty_Kris: Don't forget Kahn's sister!
Actually, what about that gym leader he got locked up? She comes back for revenge, and follows constantly, hoping to catch him in the act, but their mutual blase airs cause her to develop a burgeoning crush!
@Guest: How about [Final] Flash?
@Guest: Then we should prepare for some Kaiokenning and screaming for pages! And spiky yellow hair... Wait, his hair is always yellow! SUPER SAIYAN PIKACHU CONFIRMED, and this isn't even his final form!
George, no.
No, George, this isn't a Nuzlock comic. You stop that right now.
(Though, funnily enough, I am starting a Nuzlock of Soul Silver today...)