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Why did you have to make all your characters so attractive?!!!
Kyaahhh! His run is so cute!!!
If Hinata had to fight Ichigo I wonder what she would turn into. I mean what can beat a Dragon?
Ok! I just noticed that the two people above, forgot their names, are blushing and turning away from Lone and the King. Does this merge mean something different in their culture? Or am I just imagining it?!
This page kind of reminds me on one of my fav animes, Kemono no souja Erin.
Man i wish there was fanfics of this webcomic cuz I seriously ship Amos/Amy/Ed together!!
So like Muffet then! Also, I'm interested in knowing how you came up with those names! They are so interesting!
This is going to sound strange, but that waiter totally has Grillby's vibe going on despite not being made of fire...and talking a lot lol
For some reason I keep expecting Blue Gasters to show up.....>_<. How dare that wannabe knight hurt my red skellybaby!!! Someone go all Ruvik on his butt!!!
@novasiri: Oh my stars yessssssssssss!!!!!!! I can't wait to find out who it is!!! Update as soon as you are able to.
I hope you know that now that you put those two in pic, I'm going to be shipping The void child/Makumbo when they get older!!!! Of course if there any other potential candidates for Makumbo....heh I might ship them too!
Hmm...hopefully Hinata has some kind of Phoenix synco thing or at least an animal that can heal her injuries!
YESS! I was getting mixed signals from Patrick because I thought he like Sparrow more than Bianca, but this changes my mind!! I was waiting for them to kiss forever!!!
Hmm...I wonder if Luna is really an ice dragon.....
@novasiri: Yay! I'm happy I'm on the right track! Also, I just finished the last page and I can't wait until you update!!! I'm loving the pairings so far! Also, question! I'm assuming that you have to die in order to become an element. Once you die are you stuck at the age that you die in? Or do you grow? Makumbo was 11 when they died, that's pretty young! Is there any reason why he would look like Gavin? Are they related? Yeah I have a lot of questions, but this kind of comic has never been done before! I'm hooked!!
Hmm I can't tell if Makumbo is a male or female...not that it matters! I wouldn't care if he/she was non-binary!
You know for some reason I have Jasper, Pearl, and Ameythst in my head when I look at this page.
Louie. "y.o.u.r i.n f.o.r a b.a.d t.i.m.e..
@Meloh: I couldn't resist! I just finished playing Undertale and absolutely loved it! Downsides to loving it are that I've practically read every fic about it and still want more. Luckily I have you! Also, I was waiting for a comment like this to pop up, but have yet to see it, so I decided to write it myself! I went to the next page and lost it! What I wrote totally fit!