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Oh man.
Aw man! I guess Wallace/Lin is out huh "pouts"
Haha he kind of reminds me of Spock for some reason lol
Ugh! I hate cliffhangers!! I want her to hurry up and tell them already!! I can't wait until the next update! Awesome job!!
Too Cute!
@Paperplate: Daisho is sooo cute!! Also i hope you know that I'm already shipping Oracle/Daisho!!!
@Guest:It could be a piece of celery!
Welp I know what's coming next. Also I don't really like Zephry/Zanni pairing personally. I feel like he makes a good brother....a really good attractive brother for Zanni. Looks like Nutasha might be rejected again. Or maybe not, who knows.
Hmm...for some reason I'm reminded of Duo Maxwell...must be the hair!
Lol when she put on that coat, all I could imagine was Itachi...haha
Ok now I ship Avo/Iram!!! I want those two to be together!!!!!!
couldn't view the previous 2-3 pages, said it was from site that had known malware ( photobucket something). Plz fix!
3 or 4some!
I'm totally voting for a 3 some or 4 some!!!!! I ship the mirror god and Metz and also the death god and metz as well!!!!!!
I know!!! I love his hair too! I hope he doesn't cut it!!!