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I've secretly always loved Golducks when I'm not forgetting they exist. Admittedly I was very surprised to see one here, this is going to be exciting.
I'm pretty okay with this - this page covers at least a couple of completely illustrated updates and I'm cool with more plot more quickly. You write really well too so it doesn't feel like a ton of quality was lost.
Looking forward to future stuff of yours!
Awwwwwww Atty's had a little character development, how cute. Keep it up kiddo.

Definitely picked a terrible guy to piss off though, next update will be interesting.
@Izzikat: Thanks! :D
@Meld: Oddish was dancin' behind him as they were leaving the lighthouse a couple pages ago, Atty still has it.
@noako: I haven't played it yet but Pokémon Bronze looks promising, it's an original region/story that uses Gold as its base.
Those are all legitimate questions. Poor girl is starting to deserve a nap.
Also, I apologize if I'm being dumb but is there a way to bookmark this comic so it goes right to the most recent page?
What is she complaining about? Prosthetics are totally radical.