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Is awaken from my eternal slumber!
Hey there! Sorry for this super late update!
I don't really update here but maybe I'll start doing that again?
I have WEEK up on too!

But here, have page 2!
its fine because they are all Lue /wink wonk
.... that wasn't a random guy!!

hahaha drawing backgrounds is a painnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
very specific info! i've always wondered who gathered it (like the bloodtype, eyesight)

Lue being cool playing sports..... \*q*/
February 18th, 2016
@Isu: Yeaaa just what I was aiming for!! And that summery feel~
Thank you for input quq/ <345678910
February 16th, 2016
@Isu: Thanks bb!! lmao no kidding. Gone are the good ol' times. But yes, let's stick together ;v;/
I'm glad! Stay tuneddddddd
It's a funny page so maybe not? I also laugh at some of the stuff I write/draw.
That first panel :"DDD
/puts 4th panel in a frame <33
February 16th, 2016
And so it begins!

I don't think Week would exist if it wasn't for my friend(s) encouraging me ;_;
Thanks for the help with this page, Isu!
February 15th, 2016
Not entirely happy with the font I chose for the title (maybe I'll edit it later), but I worked hard on the cover itself!
oh what this was a quick update!
Yeaaaaaaaaaaa it's the prince <3333
/joins the gaping mass of admirers haha
this is such a nice page////
February 10th, 2016
Hysteric new fan!!
Oooohhhhhh nooooooo...... I think I fell in love with this comic. NOPE I'M OUTTA HERE.
... to draw fanart
Can I just say your character developing skills are just ??? amazing???? I literally love everyone in this comic. And your plot just carried me away oh man
I gotta get some Avialae fanart out of my system omg
Maron looks prettyyyyyyyyy
I think the fence/brick wall came out great...
Aaaa can't wait for the next page (you just updated lol) 'cause I know who's going to show up +u+
i see that poster up there. wonder who that is...!
i'm super excited this is updating again too, can't wait to see everyone againnnn
this page makes snort everytime i look at it. :'D
I'm with Rajay, these cats will be the end of me. Andy better run while you can @U@@@!! omg Ken and Sage lol so cute////
lol drawing all the characters has become my mission
Oh, Ken. Without you this Cafe would've gone bankrupt ages ago.
Gahhh I cant get over how sexy Caleb is in that doodle where he's hitting on Zhay///
The collab just gets cuter and cuter characters *___*<33333
@silent-songs: lmao poor Colby. Gil just wants to love youuuu <333

Hahaha clearly
@illustratorJI: Aww Myu would enjoy Sage's company very much. He's so cute cry ;; /pets Sage
@illustratorJI: omg Jiji!! /revives you Q_QQQ thank you sob <33
Aww he's adorable! And that fact about him fluffing up when feeling great emotion gawddd///

Can't wait to see him in the cafe haha *U*/ feeds him sweets
Gil: "I waited so long... are you coming?"

I'm just gonna leave this here... /runaway