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Now I feel like an idiot. Who is Baxter?
The Trouble with Magic
That is the trouble with magic. It can't do anything really important.
Can't see the toilephant even though I am voting. Would you put a link to the picture? Only the latest bonus is available and that's from Oct 2014. You know, it is not just your comics we like. You are an artist, and we like your other art too, so please make it available to us. Thanks.
I love that Poe is walking on his ears, and they have feet.
Yes, Thor and Jesus
And a little poopy floats through the living room when the vicar's over for tea. Someone would put hats on them.
I love the white space Nekos. I love what they add. Sometimes depth or additional dimension to the joke, sometimes a great new drawing to appreciate, sometimes something that is none of those, but new and surprising. Yah! I read your comics for everything there is to get out of them: the drawings, the backgrounds, the bummy game, the additional jokes and double-entendres. What will you gift us with today? Maybe animation? It's all good.
I need to get your cat to explain to my cats why they are too big to ride on shoulders. I look up and see cat flying through space, hits the shoulder like it's a zebra, up and around the back, tail hooked under nose for balance (like Neko above) purring in ear, drooling down chest, smug and all comfy.
Peter got a cocktail napkin?? I don't remember that.
Unless what???
The End?
Oh please no! I just got here! Don't end the comic!
The crank makes it
Murphy is an overdose of cute in the third panel with his helmet with the little crank on the side.
That's why Tarquin was looking in the window a few comics back.
As long as your signature on the tattoo had the fly, it would be great. Gives Neko something to chase while he lurks on a shoulder.
Don't worry, what's protruding from Bummy's rear is perfectly natural. It has Wiiings!
Added depth
I am re-reading the archive, and the superhero arc makes perfect sense this time around. There are levels of meaning that maybe come from having two writers' input. I am enjoying that, but I am glad you didn't lose focus on Neko and the others. You need to do whatever refreshes you as an artist. We will still follow. I worry about burn-out because I have lost so many great webcomics that way (Furminator).
Kitty sniffs his latest prey,
Doesn't eat it.
Walks away.

I suggest this change because it better carries the strong rhythm of the poem, brings it to a firm conclusion, and eliminates the unnecessary weaker phrase 'decides not to' and the unneeded connector 'and'.