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Ooohhh nice cover!
Poor Casey. Kid is so nervous
Uh oh. Looks like Casey is going to have to be careful
Finally I upload the last two pages of chapter 6. It feels like its been forever. Once college is over I'll be able to upload more regularly.
We have to finish her off. Get the shovel!
@Valley: First time for everything, lol
Got a bunch of inspiration and got two pages done.
I can't believe it. Piper is dead.
Of two weeks because college finals. Sorry guys.
Ah college, taking up all my spare time. Well at least I got this done.
Aughghhghhg I'm sorry this page took so long. I've been super busy with college work and it's only going to get worse. Be patient with me!!!! thank you ;_;
There's a strip club over there!
Hayden is the best babysitter
Love? Intrigue? The beginning of a cheesy 90's rom com? Only time can tell.
@JinxazuMarai: Time to break out the feminine charm
@Urui: nah, she can just shove her off the dock
Old theme was bugging me so I decided to change the layout to default. hopefully this makes it a little easier to read.
in retrospect, it probably was a stupid idea.
omg. Seika's oh shit face.