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Hi! I'm an art hobbyist. I have lots of crazy stories to tell. I hope you enjoy them.

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Ship tease
for all of four panels! >:3c

If anyone's interested, I've started taking commissions to help get some money in while I'm off work! (Yeah, my back is still fucked.) You can check out my prices here!

There's a new vote incentive up on Top Webcomics - this time it's Pashka taking a rare moment to relax. Unfortunately Photoshop crashed while I was working on it, and I lost quite a bit of progress >.< I'll upload the coloured image as soon as it's done, but for now, it'll only be lineart.

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I realised
far too late that I had accidentally switched where Pashka and Zalia were standing between panels 1 and 2 X_X Well done me. Well, that'll be something to correct in the future.

There's a new vote incentive up on Top Webcomics! This week it's a closer look at a couple of background characters from chapter 1, page 1.

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@Natty McBatty: Ramen is greatly appreciated ;w;
Edit: Hooray! My back's starting to get better so thank goodness for that! Furthermore, I managed to complete the page!

Also holy crap, guys! We've gone up about 300 places in Top Webcomics! Thank you so much!! I'm working on some new vote incentives <3

Ignore the rant below from the wip version of this page <3


Hey folks. Got some bad news :S While I was working on this page, I suddenly started getting intense lower back pain and it's been getting worse as the days go along. I'm currently on insanely strong painkillers but they're not doing much. I still can't sit up to use my tablet or even do my day job.

So this is gonna have to be it for the moment. I'm gonna see the doctors again today and try to figure out what the heckles is wrong. There's a small chance I may need to go into hospital but I'm hoping this isn't the case!

I'm trying to decide what would be best for covering updates until I'm recovered. My thoughts are either:

1. I can still use a sketchbook without problem, so I could make pages traditionally until my back unfucks itself, or:

2. Go on another hiatus (UGGGGH), and post filler art until I'm able to start working again.

I'm so sorry about this, guys. I'll keep you posted.

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Wait, no. The opposite of that. Not-yay.

Btdubs, say you happen to suffer from a particular phobia, like, I dunno, scopophobia, don't plug that word into Google images for reference art.

I'm going to go take ten showers and hug myself in a corner now bye

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@Guest Who: It's finished now, I forgot to change my post to reflect that. >w>''
This'll have to do
for now. @_@

Yes, steampunk robots exist in this universe. Also steampunk sewing machines.

Please remember to vote for Wandering Wyveria on Top Webcomics! There's a new vote incentive, featuring the Dingo-ified characters I made for the April Fool's comic! I didn't end up using all the models I made.

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You have no idea
how long I've been waiting to make this page. And I'm willing to bet less than 1% of my audience will get this reference.

The real update is coming tomorrow, but will be incomplete. Been a bit of a busy week >w<;;

Holy crap, guys! We've not only gotten into the top 1500 of Top Webcomics but the top 1300! This was better than I could have ever expected this early into the comic's life!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! I'm going to try and get vote incentives made on a more regular basis to thank you all for your kindness!

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Technical difficulties
have led to this page being half-finished =/ I think I've fixed them for now, seems to have been an outdated driver. I didn't want to have to make a page late again, so I'll upload what I've done so far and post the finished page as soon as it's done.

I'm also making a change to how I'm drawing to try and improve speeds. I normally spend excessive time in the sketch stage for characters, but for this page I just made very simple sketches and just did my best to stay on model! What do you all think? Is this acceptable quality?

Don't forget to vote for WW on Top Webcomics! Let's crack the top 1500! I saw it briefly dip below 1495, so thank you everyone for voting!

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@Ulta: Sorry if it's gonna be a problem for you. There's a character page if you're not sure though :3

I probably haven't explained this as well as I should have, since I had to write that wall of text three times thanks to an SJ glitch. >_>''
New characters YAY!
Which means I get to ramble!

Something I wanted to do when I started designing characters for this comic was to make the dragon characters as androgynous as possible. One of my biggest pet peeves is assuming a character is one gender or the other based on their appearance. My feelings on the matter are summed up amazingly in this post for the awesome webcomic Slightly Damned.

That being said, I have given some minor visual clues on dragon genders - females are slightly taller on average than males but this isn't a hard and fast rule. Zai is very short for a male, Ancha is short for a female, Bracks and Romith are tall for males, and Lelantos is pretty much completely average. This is based on real world sexual dimorphism in birds of prey.

I'm not going to be touching heavily on gender issues in WW, it's more of an artistic decision.

Tl;dr fuck stereotypes.

Edit: I probably haven't explained this as well as I should have. I don't want to make genders immediately obvious partly because I want it to be something that comes up in dialogue, if at all. Just like in real life, it's not always obvious at first glance.

If there is any confusion, check out the character page, which has been updated again today. :3 I still have Pashka and Zalia to add.

The new dragons introduced here are (from left to right) Hereys, Pashka and Zalia. Shoutouts to my friends for naming Hereys and Zalia! Hereys' colour scheme is based on my very first dragon OC from when I was like 6 or something.

Don't forget to vote for WW on Top Webcomics! Let's crack the top 1500!

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Those are some big damn crows.
Uh. Yeah. Gore warning.

I like the wolfie fella cause I don't have to shade them. :3

It's good to be back! I feel much better after my break and I have a more substantial buffer in place.
Wandering Wyveria is on a break
The next update will be Jan 29th. Sorry for the wait!
Happy New Year!
Let's start the new year off right with character introductions! :D Profiles for these guys will be up later.

WW is back to weekly updates, yay!

Vote on Top Webcomics to help the comic grow and see some world info and doodles!

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Merry Christmas everybody!
Wow, I can't believe it's the end of the year already! The last half of this year has just flown by.

I can't express enough how grateful I am to everyone who's read the comic and stuck with it. Telling stories is all I ever wanted to do and finally having that chance fills me with joy. I hope WW can grow even more in 2018 (and hopefully we can introduce that dang Hollis at last)!

I have some good news to share with y'all - Wandering Wyveria will be back to weekly updates as of next week! The Christmas rush will be calming down at work now, and I've got a buffer back. In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these silly non-canon doodles. The character in the lower left will be appearing in next week's page :3

If you have a moment, please vote for Wandering Wyveria on Top Webcomics to see some extra art and world info - this time I have a new incentive, explaining a bit about Wyverian winter traditions.

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Have a wonderful Christmas, happy holidays, and just be awesome to each other!

Edit: Woops, forgot to actually post the dang incentive! It should be available now <3
@Triforce Fandom : Or is iiiiiiit?