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Hi! I'm an art hobbyist. I have lots of crazy stories to tell. I hope you enjoy them.

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Hey you know what's not fun?
Migraines. This page was late enough already and then my brain decided to be all LOL HOW ABOUT SOME INTENSE PAIN and I was like NAH I'M GOOD but then my brain was a jerk anyway.

Anyway, I figured this page has been delayed long enough, so I'm just going to release what I have so far and get the complete page done when my migraine calms the fuck down. I'm not pleased with the dialogue so I'll probably tweak it a bit in the final page.

Thanks for bearing with me, folks. I'm off to lie in a dark room for a bazillionty hours.

EDIT: Page is now complete! Thanks for waiting.

EDIT OF AN EDIT: WW now has a Top Webcomics link!

<img src="">
Sorry for lateness!

I had a lot of fun messing with the static effect on the thought bubbles in the last couple panels. :P This is pretty much what the inside of my head looks like when I'm dozing off, too.

Anyhoo, another main character finally makes an appearance! Let's just hope she's a bit less drenched in blood when you get to know her better. Her bio will be added soon!
Dangit Indigo you're getting far too adorkable for your own good
Time to enjoy the spooky season, with Zai as the worst bedsheet ghost ever; Ancha as a sparkle-tastic witch; and Hollis as a not sparkle-tastic vampire. WOOOOOO SPOOOOOOOOKYYYYYYYYYY

There won't be a regular update this week - the reason being, I am a lazy idiot and I'm really horrendously behind on pages. I've not burnt out or anything like that - I really do just need to buckle down and focus.

So I'm going to spend a lot more time on comics next week and try to get at least two pages done, try to get some semblance of a buffer going again.

Thanks for putting up with me, folks.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you can probably guess why this page was late. Sorry everyone, thank you for your patience!
Zai am logic always everyday!
Not gonna lie Zai's face in the last panel is one of my favourite things I've ever drawn

Also to clarify (and totally not hide a near-continuity error) Zai turned around while he was inside the box.
I cannot express how much I loathe the artwork for this page, barring a couple panels. I screwed up. But if I spent any more time on it I was going to go insane. So... here it is.

If I ever have the time to remake pages, this one's gonna be up first.
First new character introduced! I'll be getting the character list updated to include him soon.
That was a short, weird prologue
I'm just dropping a comment to warn you all, the art quality is going to drop a bit over the next couple of pages.

That's because the prologue pages were actually completed later, and after I had gotten a new tablet. The art quality difference might not be noticable to readers, but I sure noticed!

Bear with me for the next few pages because they do look a bit rough in my opinion, but starting from page 8 they'll be back up to scratch ;3

Thank you for reading!
It begins
Well, here it is! The first page! I've been working on this comic for almost two years now, and it's way past when I intended to start posting. Well, better late than never.

I hope you all enjoy this comic.

I'd like to give thanks to all the friends and family who encouraged me along the way. Love you all.
Well this is embarrassing!
Hey guys, our deepest apologies for the lateness of the current page! I admit I've been a bit lazy working on this page. I think it turned out pretty well in the end though.

Also, I realised I derped out and forgot the clouds in the last page, so I'll be re-editing that to include the clouds and attempt to adjust the PipFox screen so it's clearer to read. I had a lot of fun adding silly messages in there so I'd like for people to actually be able to read them :P

Anyway, enough of my rambling, enjoy the page!
The Page that Almost Never Was!
Well, I tell ya folks, it's a miracle this page exists. Why is that, I hear you ask?

Well! My slow-ass laptop decided that Photoshop should die right in the middle of saving, when the page was about 85% done and then the file corrupted. I was in quite a panic, but thankfully I managed to fix it!

Cue several backup files later...

I absolutely adore the closeup of the PipFox screen in panel 7 and it was what I spent the most time on. Making faux-PipBoy screens is something of a hobby of mine, and I'd like to redesign this site with a PipBoy CSS style.
F. Finally
Phew! I'm glad this page is finally done! Between the old lineart being damaged and me having to re-ink everything in Photoshop (did I mention I loathe inking with every fibre of my being?) to my tablet breaking down mid-shading, my new tablet malfunctioning, and my laptop generally being an arse, I'm glad this page made it out at all!

I think this is one of the best-looking pages so far (despite my awful rendering of the PipFox - I winged it, not realising I had the bleeding reference image on my comp. Herp and also derp). I've finally settled on a shading scheme for the eyes that looks good, and working on the crayon drawings in the back was really fun. Skye's such a cutie, isn't he?

We also included a little shout out to another Sonic-based webcomic we're fans of ;3

Oh, and before anybody points out, Skye saying "suppise" is deliberately mispelled. I'm not keen on traditional written "baby talk", like saying "surprise" as "supwise", because it sounds really unrealistic and grating to me, so I bugged Mew14 to change it XD Yeah, I'm talking realism in a world with blue hedgehogs that run at the speed of sound, but ~

Apologies again for the delay, and the stupid-long comment, and enjoy the page!
Sorry about this, everyone :c New page will be up ASAP.
I'm sorry! D:
Ach, I really dropped the ball on this one. I slacked off on this page, and I ended up rushing it a lot to meet the update time. I know the shading and a lot of my outline corrections look bad... I really goofed. I can only apologise to Mew14 and all two of our fans (hey guys!) for how much I screwed up on this one.

I actually had a lot to say about this page, but I don't want this comment to become a novel, so I'll just give you the basics.

I'm really excited for the introduction of these two characters. I designed them both, although Mew14 came up with their concept. Alanis, the silver fox, is a Sonic-ified version of a character I made for another story. Her name was just one I had floating around in my head a lot at the time.

Skye is the little yellow guy. He's named after Tails' possible-future-son from the Archie Sonic series. They're not the same character, though.
A rather harrowing page. Sonic's pretty much given up at this point after fifteen long years of war.
Hey guys, ready for a new page? Well you probably already read it, unless you wanna see my rambling first.

Happy Hogmanay from Scotland!
*collapses into a pile of migraines*
Sorry this one's late, everyone X_X