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Babe the Vaporeon
I am an awesome person that like ponies, pokemon, fairy tale, hetalia, and other animes. I would post comics on here, but I am not the best at drawing and I am not sure how to, so I am on this site for fun of it!
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It seems as if Mana started to grow quite fond of Aloise, so we will obviously see her again.
Oh Devin, you should be careful! Two other eevees already like Eve. You are in for a heartbreak my dear Pokémon.
@treetopcity: Oh treetopcity-kun, you make me blush! Thank you, -bows-, h-h-here are some potatoe chips as a thank you. -runs away like an anime girl-
Will Aofi ever get her own color? Oh will she stay a minor character?
HAHAHAHAHA! This has been the plan all along! Now we must take out the ones who suspect so we can continue our mission! >:) >XD
AhHahaHaHAhAha I understand this all too well... as well as being overly sassy to some males... (quiet sobbing can be heard)
That's creepy......
I'm not that short actually, I am about 5"4 so I am on the shorter end if average I guess. :/
I understand this completely! Ever since I had to switch schools my old friends rarely ever talked to me and I later realiMy only close female friend back then wasn't much one to talk about 'normal' highschool things and when she was it was mostly about herself. I realized friendships weren't healthy for me in some ways. I could be myself but I couldn't grow as a person. I didn't know how to stand up for myself because of them. I could be weird and geeky but I couldn't have serious discussions. I am glad I am out of that now.
Par-ty? What is a party? All I know of is Netflix, tho who commands me to stay in on nights. I do not know of this party You speak of. Is it like the noble steed called unicorn?
Cha. Lucky. All da boys at my school are either ugles, stupid, mean, uninterested, of intimidated. I'm not ugly but I'm not supah pretty. I'm just a cutie with a tude so they are ignoring me. 3: meanies
A good one, that's what it is!
I'm glad you're okay!! Your comics are awesome, so is be sad if someone as creatively cool as you stopped doing them cause of stuffs in this weird thing called life.
He scares me.... Please cast a protection spell on Momo please!!!! He isn't a high enough level! Give him an experience share and switch him out! Anything to save his innocence, anythiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!
@Falconer: Thank you so much! This is a lot of help.
(I forgot to log in)
@Falconer: I'm kinda interested in this romantic genre. I don't think I've seen it. I have seen Fruits Basket, Norigami, Ouran Host Club, and something Monster. These have been pretty romantic I think. I just want a new anime to watch because I have seen as much of Fairy Tail as Netflix would let me and ever since Hetalia was taken off I have felt a bit empty.
@sonia_leong: I would so wear EGA if I had the moohlah
These people are fun.
I want this house to be real.
😭😭😭😭😭😭& #128557;😭😭😭😭😭&#1285 54;😪😣😣😣😞😞 sadness is unavoidable