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Hmmm, once again college took over my life, but good news I only have one week left then I free for 'bout a month. I probly shouldn't be drawing this this, got projects that are due next week. Oh well, lucky for you guys I get distracted easily and end up doing this stuff.

Happy Holidays to you all and to any of you have finals soon good luck!
God news, only ten more pages till the end of this chapter. I'm getting tired of this introduction stuff, but of coarse there'll be more of it in chapter 2, cuz I', pretty sure I left you guys with plenty of questions like who is that girl Lany? And why does she sparkle so much? Hopefully I'll be able to answer those with chapter 2.
Hmmm, I had planned on getting this chapter done by the end of August, that certainly didn't happen. A long came college and took over my life for a while.

I have a few pages already inked, just need to scan 'em in and tone 'em. Hopefully I can make some more time for this comic, for now enjoy my random sketches of Vicky.
New Layout
Yeah! New Page and Layout.

I'm still working on the layout, got to fix a few things to make it look nicer.

Hope ya like.
3 Updates?!
Yes three updates; must be crazy, really motivated, or have nothing better to do today.
The last page might be my new cover still working on it. As you can the gauntlets changed to something way cooler than before.
Thanks to all for reading my comic and silly rantings.
Things are moving pretty fast for me on this comic. Hope to have the first chapter done by the end of the week.
So we finally get some action here. Had so much fun drawing that little creature.
Alright fixed this page, since my computer was being fussy 'bout it.

I might be able to upload the next page tonight, depends on if I get my other work finished first.
Well, I had the second page too, but my computer said there was an error with it so I'll put it up tomorrow. It's getting late here.

And I promise what's going on will all make since in due time. Besides, I'm terrible at starting stories :P
Terribly sorry this had to happen. It's been a while since I've worked on MWoG. My skills as an artist have changed and I'm detesting the artwork I've put up.

Right now I think the best thing to do is to lay aside this comic for a while. The next time you see it'll look a lot better and have a better plot to it.

Thankyou all to who have faved this comic, hopefully it won't take too long until I get back in the swing of writing this comic again. For now you can go check out my other comic which has just started
I finally feel confident about publishing this comic. I've had this idea since 7th grade (along time ago) and I've gotten the story line straighten out and my artwork is so much better since then lol.

I'll be posting soon, hopefully by next week. This comic will able to bought in a hard copy. I'll let ya know asap when and where to buy it. Also I will be keeping a regular schedule of updating with one chapter per month.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope you enjoy Magenta Gauntlets.
Lol, you just gotta love Matt.

And the mouse named McCloud, that's actually how you pronounce my last name but it's spelt differently
I'm starting to get back on tract with updating.

Right now I only have 5 more finals to take, then I'm home free for two weeks, until my mom tells me to do college and scholarship stuff, but that's ok.

Hurray we finally have a new character! I'm so happy since now the comic will start picking up.

Don't ya just hate the beginning of stories where they're all boring but are necessary?
Gah, it's been so long since I've updated!

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting so long. I feel bad about this, exspecially with this page since it moves so fast.

I've been busy with school work and projects. I don't think I can update this weekend since finals are next week and teachers like to cram every little bit of info at the end of the semester. So I'll try and update alot over the holidays. And hoepfully I can get back on track after Christmas break.
This is a really good comic, surprised at myself that I didn't start reading it sooner.

I love the way you draw, it reminds me of Sailor Moon and Inuyasha.
This is really good so far. I can't belive you're able to make your drawings so well with just a sharpie. Good Job!

Definate fav+
I posted! Hurray!

I've been so busy with my portfolio, but I'm finished now!

Now that I look at my drawings I think my style has changed. Also I plan on making a better layout for this site. Didn't like my last one.

I'll do my best to stay on task with undating at least once a week.

-KO_Okami: Thanks alot I like it alot too.

Yuy_Ren: Thankyou it took me a while to figure it out.
Ahhh, what does her name mean to him!?

Great job with keeping the supense up, I've been on the edge of my chair for the last couple of pages.
I thought I'd never do this but I just had this idea wanted to show you all. I put it later in the Extra stuff if I ever get time to make the page.

Finally you get to Sireene in color. And I've just realized that I've yet to introduce the main characters name into the story. I'm such a bad author! XD

If ya want to see the the full size an better resolution go here
I promise I'll get to work on the next pages Ive also got another web comic to fix here
Ack I think I'm week late in updating. I'll try and catch up with updating this week.

I'm suppose to be working on my portfolio :P It's due Nov 3

Thankyou all who read my webcomic. It means a great deal to me. :D
Ah! How long has it been since I lasted posted?!

Sorry 'bout this, been working on homework, scholarships, and portfolio. I'll try update at least once a week. Thanks for sticking with me!