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I tend to speak my mind freely
I'm sorry if I troll you and you hate me later
I do not do online dating
I tend to accidentally break things or hurt people
I hit things when I get mad
I'm an otaku, a homestuck, and a brony...
I love Invader Zim and RP it quite often
I have many interests so if you want to ask about it you can
I'm scared of dolphins and storms
I love the water and am able to think better around it
I have insomnia
I love night time
I'm a cancer ((Kargles FTW!!! [:B))
I love shellfish... yes, even crab... Sorry KK..
I live in Akron, Ohio but wish to live in Canada
I have asperations to be a voice actor, mortician, cartoonist, or a visual designer
I live in a very volatile home environment
I have two dogs and five cats
I love cosplay and role play
I have went to the Cincinnati comic expo ((2014))
I will be attending Acron Comic Con ((2014))
I love bees and spiders
I'm allergic to bee stings, spider bites, well water, city water..
  • Real Name
    Misha Alek
  • Age
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Heehee, sounds like me..
@EternalNyappy: I love your icon! ^_^
Yep, looks familiar! ^_^ Got two of them graceful beasts.
This reminds me of my grandmother...
Yup, my little Senri does this all the time!
This an older picture... wow... I really need to update that... but that's Senri!
Teeeelll me about it! But, I mean, I have insomnia anyway so my, what... 45 minutes to none.... not sure where I was going with that... something about sleep?
@GONE: Your icon..... it.... pleases me...
@wilderulz: Dude, yes, that's purrrrfect!
@kangel: Yeah, my dad's allergic to cats but he loves ours so much; it frustrates him.
Teehee, the one's your Icon ^_^ das cute!
Yup, pretty much... :T
I like it, keep up the good work (poor Mr. Bag..)