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all hail to irregular updates
they are our meaning of life
along with schedules
made for us by other people
adulthood - so nice
you can also find me at:
@Xabel Mind: yeah. It kind of does... but it's a really good cap tho!
hej! hej!
@tysia: dzięki! co do "czekam na więcej"... będzie więcej! w każdy wtorek i piątek wrzucam nową stronę (do wyczerpania zapasów)!
heh. I wonder if his own people will recognize Ruiso now, not only because of his "new" look but also he seems to be more mellow.
Let's start with a little bit of lore!
I'm not really a big fan of sci-fi, but, so far I'm really enjoying the story and the art-style!

The "cover art" (with those fluorescent, alien-like creatures) would look great as a poster! Very atmospheric!
The sequence does look off.
@Xabel Mind: Those pages are the older ones and if I were to fix every panel constantly without any time frame limit, no story would be finished.
how can something be eerie and cute at the same time?
@princess_lom: sama wiesz najlepiej, że polskie wersje językowe się, po prostu, nie opłacają.
@miloneuman: thanks! I hope you'll enjoy the story as well!
For such a gruesome transformation sequence the werewolf looks rather cute.
I though you abandoned the project. Good thing I checked this one to learn that you just stopped uploading Polish version!
There is something I really like about this comics:
it's the thin line between paranormal and well... normal occurrences. Readers could simply attribute whole situation to "internet trolls" and peer pressure but damn there is also this slight chance of the whole paranormal "bridge trolls" being an actual part of the world structure.
So far you balance the storytelling tightrope with great finesse!
In a world where humanity is slowly loosing a battle with the deadly disease, even young dancers abandoned their dancing shoes and satine ribbons for steel-toe boots and knives.

It appears that in a wake of the end of the world, even fate got twisted beyond recognition.
W świecie w którym ludzkość przegrywa walkę z śmiertleną chorobą nawet młode, pełne gracji tancerki porzuciły baletki i satynowe wstążki na rzecz ciężkich butów i noży.

Zdaje się, że w obliczu końca świata jedynie los nie stracił swojego poczucia humoru.
in response to your "hidden" message
Why not making your own font? There are not only software but even web sites that convert handwriting into usable fonts. Moreover if you make your own one you don't need to worry about copyright.
what a shame...
I really enjoyed Miasma so far, it's has that "All you need is kill" vibe (at least for me), but this info dump ruined the story for me.
Eel is a monster but still...
I love how Connie is becoming emotionally dependent on Eel, while the latter seems oblivious of it.
There is something I don't get...
for a militia like organization, the dawn sure ain't much... organized...

If Edward is one of the founders of the Dawn and hunts the monsters for the get-go why he's not sure how to prevent bodies from turning and bases his and other's safety on a rumours? As a military-man and veteran with years of experience, wouldn't his: "you know the drill" would be enough info for the rest of the crew to take action?

Why people seems surprised by Edward's bouts of anger? One would think that if you're with someone for quite some time you learn the person's quirks. So why people just straight up ignoring the new guy, instead of informing him when it's all right to approach the leader.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy your comics, but the dialogues and some panels feel rather disconnected. It feels like an info dump to me rather than organic exchange between people.