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all hail to irregular updates
they are our meaning of life
along with schedules
made for us by other people
adulthood - so nice
you can also find me at:
ten chłopak to chyba był rybą w poprzednim wcieleniu!
his lung capacity must be top-notch!
that's for sure!
@Xabel Mind: yeah, it ain't gonna be pretty...
Handling a handgun is not as easy as media portrays it!
Strzelanie z broni palnej nie jest tak proste, jak się to wydaje!
@Xabel Mind: yeah. It kind of does... but it's a really good cap tho!
jesteśmy w połowie drogi!
we've got to the middle of the issue!
hej! hej!
@tysia: dzięki! co do "czekam na więcej"... będzie więcej! w każdy wtorek i piątek wrzucam nową stronę (do wyczerpania zapasów)!
heh. I wonder if his own people will recognize Ruiso now, not only because of his "new" look but also he seems to be more mellow.
Let's start with a little bit of lore!
I'm not really a big fan of sci-fi, but, so far I'm really enjoying the story and the art-style!

The "cover art" (with those fluorescent, alien-like creatures) would look great as a poster! Very atmospheric!
The sequence does look off.
@Xabel Mind: Those pages are the older ones and if I were to fix every panel constantly without any time frame limit, no story would be finished.
how can something be eerie and cute at the same time?
@princess_lom: sama wiesz najlepiej, że polskie wersje językowe się, po prostu, nie opłacają.
@miloneuman: thanks! I hope you'll enjoy the story as well!
For such a gruesome transformation sequence the werewolf looks rather cute.
I though you abandoned the project. Good thing I checked this one to learn that you just stopped uploading Polish version!