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all hail to irregular updates
they are our meaning of life
along with schedules
made for us by other people
adulthood - so nice
you can also find me at:
WOAH! Hold your chickens!
We have a badass over here!
Cicha woda brzegi rwie...
Is that... lore?
Czy to jest... lore?
it's subtly dynamic yet very confusing picture. It's hard to imagine what the character doing. The movement isn't running, jumping nor falling (maybe it's the matter of rotating the picture? e.g. emphasizing the movement on outstretched leg?).
Don't get me wrong - it's a really good drawing, especially your Ghibiliesque(?) style and how you drew the upper body - the cape is all kinds of nice - but overall it's confusing as heck.
He is, indeed, good at whistling but bird calls are not his forte.
@Xabel Mind: 'coz they aren't eggs!
@Xabel Mind: the descent into madness wasn't as sudden as one might think.
A silent parting amidst wailing sirens.
historia poboczna osadzona w przeszłości.
additional protein!
ten chłopak to chyba był rybą w poprzednim wcieleniu!
his lung capacity must be top-notch!