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all hail to irregular updates
they are our meaning of life
along with schedules
made for us by other people
adulthood - so nice
Eel is a monster but still...
I love how Connie is becoming emotionally dependent on Eel, while the latter seems oblivious of it.
There is something I don't get...
for a militia like organization, the dawn sure ain't much... organized...

If Edward is one of the founders of the Dawn and hunts the monsters for the get-go why he's not sure how to prevent bodies from turning and bases his and other's safety on a rumours? As a military-man and veteran with years of experience, wouldn't his: "you know the drill" would be enough info for the rest of the crew to take action?

Why people seems surprised by Edward's bouts of anger? One would think that if you're with someone for quite some time you learn the person's quirks. So why people just straight up ignoring the new guy, instead of informing him when it's all right to approach the leader.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy your comics, but the dialogues and some panels feel rather disconnected. It feels like an info dump to me rather than organic exchange between people.
I bet that if Cody escaped from the whole ordeal unscathed, she would get seriously reprimanded for her incompetence.
that's new...
In most fairytales it's either the only child or the youngest one who gets involved in such tales!
jak na ten rodzaj niesubordynacji to lekkie dostali kary.
Oh yeah! I do love this kind of atmospheric covers, could be a little bit darker, but that's my personal preference. I hope those background dwellers are not some homework-thirsty teachers!

I also have a question - why are covers of each chapter the average, 4:3 ratio artworks but comics pages themselves are all shape and sizes? I've been wondering about it, like, since the first page.
hold up!
how does she know how battery acid taste like?
That new TV show is really engaging, that bored man from previous chapter should start watch- oh... OH!
the more you know...
According to Slavic mythology plague maiden was a malicious specter that was supposed to be responsible for spreading diseases (such as Black Death). Typically the Plague maiden was depicted as thin, malnourished woman draped in tattered white cloth.

She would ask travelers for help, if they agreed, the Plague maiden would hop onto their backs and force them to travel around the world, spreading diseases with just a wave of her blood-stained handkerchief.

Everyone was doomed to die... except the person accompanying her.
oh, snap!
"[...] you don't even remember that YOU were the one who started this!!" I was wandering if there was more to their relationship than „nasty cheerleader vs introvert goth” scenario and it seems my hunch was right.

I'm not really into the redemption of villains at all costs just to make them sympathetic, but I do love to see both sides of the coin... IF that's necessary for the story flow. What interest me the most is how both Connie and Rachel are soooo into their own victimhood while being both to blame.
So it's either her inner demon coming out to (possibly) haunt her or she has a mental breakdown resulting in visual hallucinations.

I mean heck, the whole story could be just a group hallucination of bunch of teenagers that were exposed to toxic waste spilled in the forest!
next the footprints!
it's the bell ring Anders was talking about!
This comics is pure awesomeness!
I love your art-style - it looks sketchy but it feels like a deliberate artistic choice. The subject matter (monster slayers/supernatural protectors) is my all-time weakness just as straight-up to the point, well paced short stories.
It's hard to tell anything about the characters yet, but I'm already liking Khan - he's a grotesque looking individual, but he's so casual about well... everything, from newbies mages through commentary on his looks to eating scrambled eggs and petting his cat for bringing him a (dead) fairy.

damn, thank you for such a good read!
Most of my friends talk to me only when they need me and chase me through the woods to get an advice.

and no, people rarely have crushes on their best friends, Connie. Stop reading slash Cthulhu fanfictions and observe a real life for once!
Why is that we can't have true friendships anymore? That really bugs me...
I don't like Connie. She's unpleasant, egotistic brat playing the victim card so well, I think I'll have to accuse her of cheating.

Staying that I have to admit it's, in some oddly satisfying way, refreshing twist of the good ol' bullying scenario, because, at least for me, Connie deserves, to some degree, to be the odd one out - she is, legitimately, more malicious than the actual monster.

I don't know if it's just my perception of the character or was it her design?
@mitchellbravo: I'm glad you've enjoyed it. This story is one of my personal favourites.
you're surprised?
@ponography: A stranger just popped up on his property and had an audacity to ask for dinner and place to sleep! It's a perfect "get off of my lawn" moment, if I ever seen one!
o nie tylko nie KSIAZKI! *dun!dun!duuuun!*
(chociaz nigdy nie wiadomo, moze owe woluminy maja jakies ciekawe ryciny?)
I have this nagging feeling that the food served in this establishment is going to be inedible for the main character.