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Amateur Shadow Puppet... Wanna be writer. But forever a Dreamer, and a slave to the Multiverses inside my head. I am a roleplayer, and the co-writer for the comic Six Black Dogs, which my best friend started based on my original characters, her art, our shared story.
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Just wanted to mention, I adore this comic of yours. It's beautifully done and I love the story! I wish there was some way to rate it, I would be rating every page as it progresses.
I have been following you for a little while now. I just wanted to mention how much I enjoy your story telling and imagery. Always looking forward to each update. Beautiful work, friend.
Worth the wait...
You're brilliant, darling, and always worth the wait.
@gaaramonster: Have an amazing vacation, my friend!
Awwww! Can't wait!
Fish out of water.
Yeah, don't f%$# with me, darlin', I'll scratch yeh! ...
How yeh feelin'?
Feelin' a bit smug there aren't yeh? Seems we have a bit of a role reversal goin' on here... Fair enough.
Really an amazing comic you have here! The story has me hooked!
Dear Mr. Cold
Your thugs have gotten out of hand. Please report to the main office. Thank you.

-Your Mother