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I'm a finnish girl. 17 yers old. In senior high. I have an account in deviantart and with the name miikkuli. :)
I like reading, anime, BL!
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Yay! Pikachu got cheered up!
I hope we get to see more Skye now! (hint-hint)
'Cuz he has been in such a minor role lately. :)
October 6th, 2007
wow... I could never draw an open mouth. ^_^
Nice! I like their eyes and hair.
KYAAA!! Yaoi-fangirl dying of bloodloss here. :)
I love this comic! The art is so beautiful and the story is so funny and... Aaah... :melted into a puddle of goo:
This seems very interesting. Please continue. :)
First comment ever for me
This is my favourite comic and the only reason I haven't commented yet, is that I just registered at smackjeeves.