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Hey guys! This is Ian, that guy who loves cartooning, video games, and general goofing off! I might be the biggest video game nut on the website, although I guess that's kind of a bold claim. I love playing piano, drawing, and rollercoasters! (Or anything else fast and dangerous.) KEEP ON DRAWING, PEOPLE!
I really have nothing to say about this one...
@ForestFire: Sonic Heroes reference, nice one
@TheBox: Likely hardly working, don't tell anyone ;)
Laziness fills you with determination to be lazy
You've gotta wonder why you can't just step on Flowey right at the beginning
So, this is my current team for Alpha Sapphire. I'm planning on adding a Metagross after I defeat the Elite 4. I basically had to level grind in Victory road for about 2 hours to evolve my Bagon. Tedious, but well worth it.
@ForestFire: Yeah, I noticed that. This was my 2nd upload, and when I looked at it, I thought, "Dang how did I forget to shrink the page
This would be Kirby with an ability obtained from copying Dark Matter.
New Kirby Ability
So, yep. This is my guess at what Kirby would look like if he copied Zero 2. Wouldn't it be awesome if Kirby could actually copy Final Bosses?