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This makes me feel so sad for Lu. :c
@comercole: Good! Hoping to get back into comic making relatively soon.
Aww, I love how adorable Naya is!
Wow, that final panel is impressive! And I just love how this is Mist's house, haha. xD
@comercole: Not sure at the moment; I've had a lot of things going on.
@MercenaryX: It's just a style for the comic, the "civilized" pokemon walk on hind legs.
And here's the end of Chapter 2! The comic will be on hiatus for a while starting from now. Hope you enjoyed!

In the meantime, enjoy this silly comic I made about Zeke when he was a kid:
@SentryBeat: It hasn't been revealed yet. You'll see later!
I can't help thinking that last picture of Naya is so cute. XD It's the eyes I think.

But if Mist isn't kidding, I'm worried for her.
Thanks for the congrats everyone!
100th page of the comic!
@comercole: Awesome, thanks!
@ScienceGamer01: Thanks!
You know what's coming...
@comercole: Okay, that's fine, just give me credit in the video and show me when you post it!
@comercole: What do you want to use them for?
Petrify orb used, but not all the pokemon are affected properly...
Hm...seems pretty easy...
@LazuliLupin: In this comic there's no teleporting with badges. They just have to leave.