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I like video games and anything else that deprives me of a life. And the koopa bros as they are my homeboyz.
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For some reason drawing Yellow in this comic was beyond me. I'm not happy with how it turned out. I thought the introduction of some type of car would be prudent since it has been established these are college-age people. Blue's mercedes doesn't count since it's gone.
Also check out my levels in panel 1! WORSHIP MY ART SKILLS!
Why is there a meanwhile? To tell you that this is a comic. Duh!
There. This page shows Pink's purpose for existing. Her original backstory has been removed and I can finally move on with this. No more bad storyling causing me backlash and no hanging character. Sure she's random and unexpected and possibly unecessary, but isn't that what this whole comic is?
this made me smile.
4kids ruins my life again! noooo!
These aren't minor characters I was just sick of the individual pages so these are the rest. Now we can get into the story! Who will win the coveted cash prize? Readers, pick your favorites.
He doesn't say much does he? We're almost done with introductions just be patient
He's a bit of a nerd and his "intelligence" will aid him in his quest for 10 million. Does he have it in him?
I have a question
Where did my keys go?
Justin and Mary
Justin and Mary are Twins and they truly believe they are not the same. They are two different contestants they do not count as one entity. Maybe their youth will help them win the 10 million.
Tracey is from England. Got that? Maybe her britishness will see her through the troubles of competition. Or maybe not.
Beth the Menace
Take her name, replace the e with an i and add a c. Oh but she is conniving. Her strategy and deception might win her the competition. The others best beware.
This is Chester. He's a hippie. He doesn't do the drugs but he's stupid enough that the effect is similar.
Here is the first of 15 contestants. Artemis is a bit full of himself and as stated earlier lacks common sense. Does he have what it takes to win the 10 million dollars?
We started comics at the exact same time! That is so weird! I think I'll give this a shot. The drawing seems decent enough. Why is that girl sad? Those people on the sides look happy. What is she not getting that they are?
So it begins
So this is Trent, the host. He doesn't seem as evil here as you will soon discover he is. Oh wait I shouldn't tell you that. Spoiler alert! The 15 characters will follow this. Yeah they each get a comic so the actual competition won't start until that is out of the way. I'm working on it as you read this so don't worry!
Stick Roll'd
Y'all just got Stick Roll'd! So this is your stereotypical news cast that explains the plot to the characters so that they can keep it going. We are assuming that the protagonists are watching it. Got that?
The horrendous space kablooie.
Yeah it's been a while since I updated. I got stuff going on. Anywho about this comic, no Randoplis is not an abstaract painting, I just tried using perspective in this comic with fail results. I don't know if I'll be using this again. How does this comic relate? Tried to show it in the last panel. Eels got the button to work. How will this affect our heroes er... main characters of chatoic neutral alignment?