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i like an average spriter...and im awsome!
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    Bloody Hell
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It is a zombie comic!
December 30th, 2008
And I'm the best retarded Pokemon that craps on the hero's shoulder.
Someone put in the other disc!
I feel so alone.
Being the only one to try to save the comic by updating.
Oh well, heres my comic.
Why are sonics eyes brown?
He has green eyes!
I'm not really sure myself...
I think it might have to do with teaching
little kids at a shooting range for an hour.
Thought I would put this in here celebrating me getting
my laptop into the hospital.
Yeah, the hospital.
I was shot.
In the knee.
It hurt.
Happy hundredth page, dude.
Le Gasp!
I updated before next year!
I deserve like a medal or something.
There is only two Os on fool, not three (Second Panel)
Yes I'm alive!
Sure you can keep my kidneys
I wasn't using them anyways.
I haven't updated for so long...
Edit: I haven't updated since May.
Yep its Halloween, so I thought even though I'm lazy and using a crappy laptop
I should still update.
Oh by the way, weddings suck.
LOL Falcon Knee
The eyes look a little off to me
Wow, I actually laughed at that, good job!