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kind of planning something...
He caught those hands
Tobi said nah imma handle this my damn self
@PPdestroyer9000 😂😂😂!!! welp I’m scared
He really just went and said that. Omg
Top 10 anime betrayals
For people who aren’t sure if they’re friends, these guys are pretty well acquainted with each other’s weaknesses. Oh you know, like how old friends would be. My verdict is they’re both kinda in the wrong. The boys need to come to a greater understanding of themselves in order to have more empathy for each other. But like, how are they gonna pause and reflect if they can’t seem to stop slinging all these sick burns? lol
September 8th, 2019
I’m genuinely so happy for them and they’re not even real people. Been reading this from the beginning and I still got big love for this comic.
This is an awesome page
That was really cute ok. What a little charmer
I’m as shook as Francis is!! Also everyone is 100% looking at them
I’ve never seen anyone shoot their shot so hard! lol this is a great scene
We’ve only just met them and I already love them??
Oh this is so cute!
omg its back
OH! It’s on now! I’m so excited for the next update holy crap
Are you feeling it now me krabs is literally all I could think these past three pgs to be completely honest XD- they’re so sweet
lmao an actual bookshelf for your viewing pleasure
I figured two days was long enough to go without uploading lol its the next day already
Aww. I’m rooting for what could be an unlikely friendship!