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Aw man, I just realized the little minions next to your name signifying how many times you've posted are gone.
He was not expecting praise of this magnitude.
September 28th, 2017
Well, there goes the coolest weapon of the story. Here's to hoping that doesn't get lost.
September 28th, 2017
I got my money on her dying, but Karasu retreating later.
I think Noah and Gunther would get along pretty well.
*Benny Hill theme song plays in the background*
Haha, blueberry horns.
@spinygumbo: Yeah, so does Venezuela.
How bout one for July 4th, to celebrate Independence Day... for Venezuela and Rwanda?
June 26th, 2017
I want to know the story behind that bunny.
Was it a pirate?
Maybe a demoman?
Does it wear it just to look cool?
New update! Hooray!
Aw damn, bucko hasn't even been born yet...
and I already wanna see em.
Shippin it like the Enterprise.
Man, that's a shocker
Yeah, accidents involving hospitalization are a pain financially.
Someone, make that last panel a meme!
Shit looks lit.
I guess having beef with people here would be a huge...
Why are you sighing? You're probably gonna get vaporized as soon as this moment is over.
Run, Atty, run!
She looks a lot different than the others on SPL...
Different origins, perhaps?