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I love Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, especially the unique (among Pokemon games, at least) stories they are able to create in the series. I also love to explore different types of stories and character concepts, which is why I like to write, and channel most of it to Dungeons and Dragons characters. I read and watch a lot of high fantasy and science fiction, and will continue to be a fan of both the Spice and Wolf series and the Dragon Storm Trilogy for the foreseeable future.
@Experiment04LLZ: Given she's been wanted for *years*, its probably at least an S rank mission, but is more likely one of the star ranks depending on the dungeon she's holed up in.

This fight will probably be very different from fighting in the Pokemon games. While yes, mechanically, Victini has higher stats than Jen, and typing wise is higher than Jen, that doesn't mean Jen will even get that hurt. In our world, many martial arts focus on how to fight people who are stronger than you by using their strength against them. I have a feeling this is what's going to happen here, with a lot of dodging and rebuking.
This is a good representation of what happens when a player shows up late to a D&D game and attempts to jump in. :P
Everyone else is talking about the sandwhich, while here I am surprised to see Kiln on two legs. I know its still relatively early in the comic, but I guess I expected her to walk around on four until she evolved.
When playing the games, the one reason I have my character learn Rest early on is for berry conservation. It's actually quite useful for that, especially when you can convert max elixers into 8 more oran berries for yourself.
Just wanted to let you know, I saw this comic in an ad when reading another comic on Smackjeeves, and I have to say I'm glad! This has been great so far, and has definitely earned a spot in my RSS reader!
@Shotgun Chuck: I think Mewtwo is dealing with an inflated ego here, since he is often referred to as one of the smartest Pokemon in the world. In addition, he proves this by not losing as often as most other (non-legendary) Pokemon. Due to this, when he does fail, it hits him hard, irrationally hard even.
I was waiting for this...
I knew after Darkrai was saved this would be coming, since in many ways Darkrai's story parallels Mewtwo's. I've been awaiting the bond they will create, now I don't have to much longer.
@PJSam I have two theories in regards to this:

* It could be that the severing of one universe from the other is not instantaneous, or fleeting connections back could still be being made. In that case, Hoopa could still go back and forth between the two universes, possibly with certain limitations.
* It's probable that Hoopa's a fourth dimensional pokemon, much like Celebi is able to travel back and forth through time, due to the portals transporting individuals instantaneously across space. If that is the case, it might be the case that Hoopa is merely a projection of a fourth dimensional Pokemon into our three dimensional universe, and thus isn't tied to any one.

In the former case, there might still be time to re-establish the connection. In the latter, Pokemon such as Hoopa might be the only hope left, since they could theoretically sense the tear.
Don't worry Darkrai, you aren't the only one who's had to deal with peeling chesnuts. I hear a previous human got some free work because of them...
Oh Lopunny, you're so considerate, but if you didn't pack a gummy I will still be disappointed. :P

@Black: Do keep in mind that the mechanics in Mystery Dungeon games are different from the main series games. Some moves which are great in the main series are absolute trash in MD, and vice versa. Still, you aren't wrong, Medicham would be the front-line fighter of the group because she is stronger.
So, perhaps THIS is what happened to treasure town in the fan comic "PMD: Guardians of Hope". It all makes sense now...
@Guest: Technically, at least in Blue Rescue Team, there were ways for you to acquire a Magikarp as a teammate. Once you did that, the Magikarp could follow you around in places that weren't water, just by flopping around. Now, this is highly unrealistic so I doubt Trobl would follow that logic, but purely from a game perspective there isn't code that limits fish-based Pokemon from traveling to dungeons that aren't water based.

With that said, I'd be surprised if there weren't water-based teams consisting of Pokemon like Lapras, Magikarp, Sharpedo, and the like. If nothing else, they could rescue land-based Pokemon that got swept too far out to sea or take on human ships alongside their aerial counterparts.

Finally, I'm glad Iten is the way he is, because I could easily see some of the others crushing this poor Feebas's dreams. :(
That's not fair, they can't help it. Their types naturally predispose them to being the way they are. And yes, you can make the argument of nature vs nurture, but I think that most games have shown that genetics factor into a Pokemon's personality far more than a human's.
@Malc Modnar: That's too obvious, and trobl is too clever for such jokes. :P

@OblivionGateway: He probably does for human tastes, but I think the anime has shown with the Pokemon chow that he has different tastes now.

Finally, I again have to say, love the Feebas perspective. That's just something you don't see everyday.
Love that perspective. :D
Feebas don't look like they'd be very delicious. For some reason, I imagine the outer shell being hard as metal and the inside being all soft and mushy. :x

Yay, though, I'm glad to hear that not all Pokemon subsist on berries, apples, and jelly beans here. For some reason, that idea never crossed my mind, but now I *definitely* will steal that idea for my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon D&D setting.
This Feebas is a troll, plain and simple. Good news, though: it is a fish, so if you get rid of the water it cannot stay...
Why, you say?
Because we get enjoyment from watching you all suffer. It's a sick pastime, but can you say its any more sick than forcing Pokemon to fight for our amusement in arenas? :P

Have a merry Christmas Trobl, and a happy new year!
Love those facial expressions
That's one of the reasons I love this comic, you do facial expressions so well. It's very clear that reality is hitting N like a ton of bricks, and he doesn't know what to do. Just hope he doesn't explode, because that can be particularly dangerous for a Zoroark, judging by the movie.