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I am not an artist, never was, but boredom makes us all do stupid things sometimes hence my comic. Now a brief explanation of where my comic is from: I like doing stuff, my comic was born out of frustration that it was wet and gray outside and had been for the last three weeks. I'm finding it fun now and am hoping to keep it up even once I go to uni or when life gets fun again. Oh I'm from the UK so excuse the likes of cars on the left and the fact that we go to the pub not to a bar.
Finally completed
I had this half done for too long, done now, don't expect another for even longer.
Be seated
These guys don't look like their sat down at all.
1:20 and I want to go to bed so just a filler I'm afraid. Real comic should resume tomorrow.
Damned thingy
Sorry this looks so shocking, I'll try using GIF next, see if the picture looks a little better.
He really is
on the ball isn't he? (Don't you hate it when you go to the toilet at a party and miss something?)
Sorry this is so long, just thought it would be cool to see everyone together.
I <3 scale
Look at all of the dodgy scale in this one! I love it.