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You remind me of Alistar. :P
Now watch as we observe the bloodborner in their natural habitat of cursing lane, depression city, in addiction valley.
I just binged the hell outta this comic. And in a few hours am already this far. I love it ;-;

And I can't even tell who died just now.

Thank you for the sheer awesome that this comic is though. :>
Haha, good luck! The cover art style already looks pretty sweet :3
Heh, I was expecting the gray bricks from Time/Darkness/Sky :P

More in-place than I expected.
I legitimately had no idea this was happening, so I applaud the fact that you were ready to deal with the issue instantaneously. (Sounds like you're not gonna fight internet rule 34. Good choice, it'd just be a waste of energy :T)

It's funny how Del keeps saving Avis, and Rodney's kinda just there.
Looked back at the scream and it doesn't have wiggles. GJ me. :>
Nehvar Ehvar. Probably on the original regular date, give or take another week. :P
I'm seriously dissapointed with society not enlightening children on older fables. I mean, I may have grown up on Disney, but there were a bunch of books and other such things on old fables not done by Disney. My favorite was Puss In Boots, but I still knew about Rumplestiltskin, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, etc. :|
So I went back and read this page again for whatever reason, and noticed something. The black background and white line looks like the dimensional scream from TDS, is that what it actually is, or just some background drama?
I think that was implied from creation. And then acknowledged on Tumblr. -v-"
I need a feather pocket for my pens. :3
Where did he pull those from? ._.
Why does no one get that I don't want it to happen yet!? I have patience for it to happen means I can wait!!! :[
@Wise-ish person: Believe me, I have more than enough patience to wait for it to happen.
Rodney and Avis won't evolve will they? It just wouldn't seem to fit their personas as well anymore considering the drastic changes.
I can't draw bikes for my life without references ;<

So yea. I'll stick to copy-pasting the original. xD
Abel reminds me a lot of Isaac Newton ._.
(Or at least this picture
I can't exactly locate the save my place button, can someone point me to it? Sorry for not commenting specifically on the page >-<
Need to say this somewhere today: The only reason I knew the dates this week were because of this comic's return ;v;

I love Wigglytuff's reaction, and Chatot's reaction to that reaction. One of my favorite pages so far.