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I'll fill this in at some future point. mmkay?
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Yeah, I get Cal's reluctance here. A bit of shame and fear over the whole thing, and understandably so. Is Rich gonna go clean this up or ... something? Or just wants to see for himself?
Someday it'd be interesting to know if his father has some deeper reasons for being so aggressive and domineering, not to mention the homophobia. Right now though, I'll settle for some karmic payback, in whatever form that takes.
I love Asoro, he's so <3
Yep, of course he's suspicious. Too many unanswered questions and he knows Avery very well. It just isn't adding up.

Those eyes in the bottom panel ... lol. Hmm, might be best to be honest with Rich now, even if not yet with everyone else?
Fanart of Scarlet :o Beautiful.
ahahaha ... happy St. Paddy's!
wish I could say I'm surprised, but I'm really not. Poor Simon, he's trying to do the right thing.
Explain Game of Thrones? He's gonna need a LOT of time for that one.

Oops though, stranger alert!
I'm hopeful for him, but at the same time, his crazy-ass father is still kinda crazy-ass in the present day, so ... it's all a bit concerning, really.

Good luck with your move!
Looks like it was meant to be. :3
Life-changing experience, huh. He is *totally* gonna end up dressed as a girl.

Can't say I'm not curious.
Hmm, is the eye colour and consequent problems the result of too much genetic manipulation, or is it some other coincidental factor? What other traits are associated with it? Still plenty of questions! At least we get more Luke though.

Btw, not sure how worried you are over vagaries of spelling, but it is 'apothecary'. Just FYI!
Best advice. Just hope he listens in some way, at least a little bit.
Fluff? Wonderful. Drama? We'll see. Butts? Always a fan.
"You don't know that."

Unfortunately, he 1000% knows it.

Will this be another forced conversation though, or will they just let it go for the moment?
Somehow I doubt the excuses Avery is making will fool these guys for long. Owen especially -- it doesn't look like he'll buy this without a more convincing explanation provided.
That anger seems justified when someone is clearly screwing you over for royal favours.
IS he gonna end up dressed as a girl?
Do what you need to do! Health and welfare come before internet stuffs.

Hope it resolves for you soon!
Oh, he named it? Sweet! Everyone knows named weapons have the best damage.

Man, I just want them to deal to his father. Such a piece of work.