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I'll fill this in at some future point. mmkay?
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Ah man, something's gotta give here. Hope nobody gets hurt.
You can believe him! This isn't a trick.
Congrats! Exams are the worst.

"Oh, it's just Yuu." <-- how long were you waiting to use this line? Also, is Takashi even on this train?
"I want a real relationship ... just not with you. There's a certain very patient feral who's waiting back home that I have massive dreamy anime-eyes for."

^^ what I wish he'd actually said.

Now he just needs to go GET that guy.
Ah, how happy he is. Domingo is definitely in love.
Ohoho. What scandalous images are waiting in the gallery?
Ah, any real fan of an artist will wait patiently for new content. I would say attend to your life first, and this stuff later. We'll still be here regardless.
He looks so young in that first panel. Pretty!
... what could possibly go wrong?
Hmm. Is it just me or was that fry-theft noticed?
oh does she really??!
Oh my god, what a page.
I am excited to see what's next! *puts on dancing shoes*
Ah, Horus, you sly dog. I love it.
Ah, these poor boys and their miscommunications. The next chapter must have some happy times or I shall be a very sad puppy :/
LOL holy shit, I was not expecting this to be such a frequent thing. I don't know whether to be impressed or weirded out that they've managed to forget that many separate occasions.
Can I adopt him? He needs some love in his life. Every panel on this page makes me want to do it. Specially the second panel. <3
Oh, one more chapter huh? I look forward to everything resolving, but right now ... so glad he's getting away from the 'meaningless sex' when he's got someone who's genuinely interested in him waiting back home.
Ohhhhhh boy.
*has a bad feeling about this*