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I'll fill this in at some future point. mmkay?
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Oh lovely! Can't wait to see the new art.
@znuff: pretty sure they just mean to read pages early before they post free on websites.
I want to echo what another reader said about the quality of your drawing. It is different, but not in a bad way at all. I like the evolution.

Hah, I knew it! Jay was enjoying it more than intended, and Ryan ... is still awkwardly misreading so much of the situation. Very appropriate.
Ah, the king of terrible decisions returns. Certainly not wasting any time here, that's for certain.
I am happy to see this updating!

Raze has come a long way.
Welp, this could either be grudgingly accepted, or it could end up with another face-meets-laptop moment. Either way, I'm interested for the next page.
Hahahah ... I understand his suspicion. At this point, why wouldn't you be?
"Laytey? Seems like you liked it too?"

Is his body about to betray him? Haha!

Jay seems like he didn't mind it all though.
Jack has really mastered the art of stern looks and short responses. Top notch.
I love it! This is entirely character appropriate.
"It's Hans! Wow!"

Real subtle, buddy.
Well, there it is.

Gotta wonder all the myriad of ways this is gonna come back to bite him in the ass, figuratively speaking, later on.
Haha, called it! That look in the last panel.
Hahah! His face! The friends know, so I suspect a bit of matchmaking may be incoming, somehow.
Can't think of anything in particular that connects all those named people as being present or not, apart from the obvious that the brothers aren't there. Maybe it's something more implicit or unknown at this point?

Curious that Maxwell can't seem to tell what he's doing, either. Seems ghost influence only reaches so far.
Yes, artist, I'm very closely observing that reaction and I like it quite a lot.
Sending a telepathic message to Cal?

Trying to pull the moon out of its orbit with telekinesis?

Ordering a pizza through the internet using only his mind?

The possibilities are practically endless.
Meanwhile, somewhere else the other two are well past the stage of awkward flirtations.
If the fangirl had seen drunk Ryan, my god. The ideas she'd be getting.
Something like a live-in rent boy, but without the sex ... yet? Where will this somewhat-awkward situation go next?