I'll fill this in at some future point. mmkay?
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@MistyTang: you are my fucking saviour. <3 Keep it rolling, pls.
Don't blame Joe for being that on edge, but all the same: Owen knows Avery is something else. There's quite a lot going on here.
I really don't want their luck to run out. Can we just have them ... hugging for a bit more?
Is she trying to give Elliot a nosebleed?
This is pretty damn creepy.
@MistyTang: hmm, I really hope they don't get, um ... caught.

Those compliments though :) I kinda agree, it does seem like he's not used to being close to people, though it does *also* seem like the Ynoizmno are quite touchy-feely.
Guess I'm gonna die that way too. That's pretty damn cold.
@MistyTang: no worries, your secret is safe with me :)
@MistyTang: Um, so I'm a complete and utter geek, because I went back and figured out the entire alphabet and translated all of the second chapter, because I really wanted to know what Luke was saying. The contents is very illuminating.

All I can say is I'm impressed that you went to such lengths to make your own unique cipher, punctuation included.
Yus! That's who I was wanting to see. Now, you two, have a conversation .. er, somehow?
Oho. Thank you, I'll take it! <3
Reminds me of this one time with a bunch of drunk straight friends. Yeeeeah ... that was a really weird night.

Go Kylee, though!
@MistyTang: that's fair enough re: characters understanding foreign language. I'm not gonna say what I've been repeating the last few pages though -- guess I just like the elf-y types?

Though, a little actual clarified speech wouldn't go amiss.
Fair response, honestly.
Asoro is beautiful. I'm a sucker for those like him.
Oh wow.
Luuuuuuuuuke. Come back! He's gonna get eaten by a river monster at this rate :(
@Seve: my exact thoughts. The wording from back then has made me quite uncomfortable about how this is all ultimately going to end up.
@Insanely Dead: yeah me too. Sounds a lot more dynamic than some of the other names, amirite?
Ah, this little geek. At least Takashi isn't telling him off about it? :)