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I'll fill this in at some future point. mmkay?
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And I suspect that owner might just be royalty.
Have fun being one of the shambling dead!

I must be a perv, I could happily watch him in the bath for another dozen pages.
AHAHAHA. That's a true romantic.
Lovely page! In many senses.

Take it easy!
Poor Calli :( That's horrible.
Had a suspicion there was some unhealthy racial profiling going on. Hrm.
Ughhh .. he's just so pretty. I never end up saying much else on these pages, do I? <3
Come on, Sooch, buddy -- say something to him. Don't let him leave without knowing that you DID feel something.
Stand up for yourself! Don't let her push you around.
Eheh. Someone just got outplayed.
The awkwardness is perfect. It fits how this whole thing has developed. Love it.
"You should send him your feet!"

Annnnnnnnd ... here we are.

Poor sweet foolish Chane. He IS lucky he's so cute. xD
Take your break! The artist should do their craft however they wish.

I can see why Drew promised he wouldn't fight again, though. Dude really didn't hold much back.
He *IS* extremely fabulous. It's the hair that clinches it. How can Matt really doubt this?
Yeah, redeem yourself!
Don't really condone violence for solving problems, but I certainly don't feel sorry either.
More often?

Naw, pants are overrated.
omg, did he actually send nudes? xD
While I can make some educated guesses, I'd still love to know exactly what Kimrick is thinking. This whole situation is generating a lot of serious contemplation.
Honestly, I love the way you've drawn this fight scene. Drew is Action Boy all the way through this, it looks great!

Those faces in the bottom panel though. Ahaha.