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I'll fill this in at some future point. mmkay?
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Hm. What sort of touch will this be?
Oh boy, quite the transition here. Hahaha.
Welp, boundaries have been established. How long before they start to move?
I'll be honest, it hasn't been too bad so far, but I'll agree that if you were so inclined, there's a lot you could do to make the narrative more cohesive. I wouldn't call the art pretentious though! Storytelling is tough, doubly so when you're doing it in a visual format. You should take the time you need to adjust your plans until it works the way you want it.
Ah, it just wouldn't be a proper story without a smarter individual acting against his better judgement. Though 'Angel' does have a bit going on beneath the surface ...
@Biscuit: Your efforts are definitely not in vain! It often seems to me that some of the more subtle and interwoven storytelling (specially when it involves longer complex plots with supernatural/fantasy elements to them) is the most underappreciated. Not to hijack this comment thread, but in another life that has nothing to do with Smackjeeves, I write fiction. Even with a decent following, the response rate is usually terrible and probably averages as some tiny fraction of the actual reader total that bother to say anything.

It's the proverbial blood-from-a-stone situation, and it can be disheartening, but as you say -- those few that do speak make it worthwhile. A small crowd of loyal regulars goes a long way.
"Well, I can cook, so if you let me take care of your meals, can I stay?"

^^ next page or the next few?
Inevitable! Seems like 'Angel' strikes again to me.
Tbh, don't much blame Jack for his reaction. Who wouldn't think Avery is a lunatic if something like that happened?
Is the guest seriously making the food now? Lol whaaaaaat ...
To be fair, their faces are really similar without the hair visible.

Clever test though.
Not gonna lie, there's something oddly satisfying about seeing him get smashed in the face with a laptop.
Wow Maxwell, coming on awful strong there. Does he need another stint in timeout or something?
Man, Teal's reluctant-cute factor gets me every time. Marvelous!
That subtle reminder Asoro is an angel didn't do his psyche any favours. Poor hound.
Pfft. Yeah, as dangerous as it is, definitely answer that txt message for him. He can't be trusted right now not to chicken out in some way, methinks.
That was me on Patreon; has my actual first name on there instead of this pseudonym. Wanted to offer something, so there you have it. :)

Honestly never noticed how much the style changed. The rounder face does make him seem more cutesy and feminine though, which I guess works?
That must have taken a while.
That inner monologue is too damn persuasive. "Not gonna do it. I shouldn't do it. Should I do it? Maybe I should do it. Okay, I'm going to do it."

Wondering if being physically intimate with Avery will make Jack start seeing some kind of ghosty Kay? The dead-people-hanging-around theme is definitely a repeating thing, but waiting on more hints as to how it plays into Jack's arc.