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I'll fill this in at some future point. mmkay?
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Ahahahaha ... Dad understands and approves! Hilariously awesome page.
Welp, somebody is certainly well aware of what he's doing, and it's not the nurse.
Lmao! Collective realisation is a hell of a thing. Beautifully done, author.
Beautiful! I love it.
That is an oddly specific type of deviancy. Whatever works for him, I suppose. xD
Omg, hahahah their expressions ... and the other friends just talking on like, oh whatever, how are you doing. Nobody even noticing. xD
All business, not much time for talk. Though if the chapter cover page is anything to go by, at least we'll see some interaction between these two at last.
But I want to know how he was turned into a llama :/
He's trying so hard, bless him.
Hahaha, I said 'cats' in response to the previous page's question and ... it was!

The thought bubble is priceless.
And the aftermath ... ouch!
Yep, I'm sure he's gonna walk out of the apartment and straight into ... something? Not sure what, but it'll probably be weird.
I'm so glad they're having a sensible talk.
You know, I somehow never really thought she would be a problem anyhow.
Dooming Maxwell is also dooming himself. This isn't really a solution, it's just endlessly kicking the can along the road until Avery has a more permanent answer.

But ... what's that answer? Haha, and what will it cost?
Not so easy to spook, this one? :)
Oh, that's cute!
Pfff, hahahah. Yeah, coming around to see an arrow still impaled in your chest would be somewhat stressful.
I know they're getting in some bonding but all I can think about is that food getting cold.
You'll love Italia! Have a good time.