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I'll fill this in at some future point. mmkay?
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Uhhhhh, this is far too happy and simple. Something unfortunate will have to happen to ruin it soon xD
It's actually the best parenting. You can't go wrong with Rexy.
Welcome back!

Tbh, his sense of panic is kinda understandable.
Hah. I love how unimpressed David seems by the interruption and that he won't get an answer.
He's scared -- understandably -- though this behaviour HAS to be making Rich all the more suspicious, and possibly even Owen too, as clueless as he might be about the supernatural aspects of what is going on.
Yeah, Dake. "Oh"

Very much so.
Ugh, there it is. Possession seems like it, alright. Fight that bastard Avery.

Poor Cal. :/
Complicated question, David.

Annnnnd ... no thank you, Dad.
You've been doing a great job with the updates! The art is as beautiful as ever.
Cal still has some boundaries, clearly. Just waiting for Avery's passenger to say something terrible to spoil the moment.
Mika on that bottom panel looks seriously upset.
Oh god. "I know you're doing it behind my back, just don't do it with Owen."

Well ... complicated strikes again?
Welp, that'd about do it.

Seems like Kone is speechless xD
Ugh, Avery. How long is this gonna keep happening, I do wonder.
This is good! I like the updated version. Most of I already know just from being a fan for some time, though the 'Ryan and Layla' bit was interesting, because I didn't recall reading anything about those two.
Well, I'm glad Rich is finally verbalising what the audience has been seeing through the story, though I really want to know what the actual connection is. I can certainly see all these pieces, but the 'why' and 'what for' is all a bit unclear still.
@Biscuit: tbh, cutesy is as awesome as NSFW sometimes. One or the other. Both? I'm not choosey
He trusts you because his feelings towards you are perhaps a bit ... different.
Wait, Avery is Rich's big brother? I thought Avery was the youngest. Maybe it's just the way Alan always talks to him like he's the baby or something like that, idk.