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I'll fill this in at some future point. mmkay?
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I'll admit, she cuts an impressive figure.

What sort of business does he have at the castle, though?
Why do I have the feeling something unpleasant is in store for Koat? Probably because her majesty lives in that castle and she doesn't seem like the pleasant sort.
Sexy indeed. You go seduce your boy. Not that it'll be difficult probably but ... pull out the stops!
@Lirilei: yeah I love how he did that in the middle of his childhood confession. Just real casual like.
Well, thank all of the gods for this guy. Sometimes all it takes is the right words from the right person at the right time, and ... action!
Hah. It's nice seeing him help out his roomie a bit. About time they bonded a little more!
Ahahaha ... that sure is an awkward cultural misunderstanding.
That face in the bottom panel ... he doesn't look *that* sorry, eheh.
If you're not feeling it, then you definitely shouldn't feel obligated to continue. Creating anything for free is tough work, sometimes with not a lot of thanks for the time put in. It's twice as hard when there are emotional reasons to just leave it be.

Having said that, for selfish reasons, I do hope you complete it, because I was enjoying the story. Also, I think it's a tale worth telling, and it would be unfortunate if it didn't get an ending. Either way, thanks for sharing with us!
It's this sort of encouragement he has needed, I think. As the man says ... time to act on it, scary though it may be.
Ah, the good old love triangle; like a flow chart but with "is crushing on" arrows going round and round. Except maybe this one is more reciprocal than he's willing to admit? :)
It's great how it is! You ended it well, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you so much for sharing your art with us.
Well I hope this is a misunderstanding, for the skunk's sake. It'd be cruel otherwise. :/
... what is his deal? Like, really, why is he acting like that? It's super confusing given all the lovey-dovey stuff at the end of their date. Is it just because he doesn't want to be outed or something?

Thanks for updating!
Hmmm, I'm quite interested in what his responses are gonna be to this girl. Are we gonna learn something we'd rather not learn or is this a psych out? :o
Ahahaha, it had to happen didn't it?

Well someone clearly has quite a reputation around this school.
Mmmmm. Curry!

What's the odds Beck is gonna be with those people tomorrow? :D
Oh, Kylee. New perspective now, huh? Whatchu gonna do with this information, hmmmmmmmmmmmm?
Happy birthday!

Gotta say, I'm with Parker. Being a homebody is much easier.