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Piku Protealer
I like uh..... pokemon of course, and math, and...... oh right! GAME!!!! XD
well, I'm complicated and blah blah blah. can I skip this now? I doubt someone will read it....
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I miss Dusk x Eve funny moments TTuTT
Eh, which is actually a romantic moments. ...failed ones XD)
Kiss! Confess! No more turning down! SHIP THEM NAOOOOOO
1st! And what's wrong eith those face??? XD
What if that glaceon is actually a him? #SinkDownSpeedxLazuliShip!!
Yay for more update :3
I bet she actually expect Jolty to hug her too :3
Also yay for update!!! X3
Finally, new update! Just right when my cuties meter ran out X3
Upcoming ship : axel x sunshine
I'd love to let you work in peace but not RIP. I still wanna know the next parts TTnTT
Anyway, I'm not gonna complain about your late post tho. You're still hooman tho. Also, I thought you were having summer vacation? (Cuz I do rn)
Welp, good luck on your works! ^^
Poor lazuli. Leafy would be affected too since she loves her sister
Aww... poor lazuli :'c
Welp, flareon x leafeon isn't a bad ship I guess ~u~
Kinda disappointed for lon update. Been waiting for days :c
Well, ik you might be busy for the other things too tho. Anyway, I bet eevee would be even happier if Speedy kiss her on cheek. I don't think he ever show how much he care about her ~u~
Cuties, cuties everywhere... CUTIE RULES!!!! #CUTIES4LIFE
Aww, poor lil eevee :'c #stopquarrelling
Lol did you mean PMD? Also, I'd take care of the eevee so speedy can go back to his dream, I got fluffy eevee sister, happy end :3
Aww, can I adopt the eevee?
Okay, speed's identity has been revealed. When he'll know that espeon's aunt is his mom? >3>