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The room is now missing part of the wall.
The lights in that room are now out.
As soon as Luke hits the button he hears a large bang from the other room.
Luke enters the code in the box (red, yellow, blue, yellow.)
It opens.
There is only a red button in the bottom of the box.
Luke looks closer at the details of the room.
on the wall there is some strange shapes and someone wrote "Love Bren." on it.
above there seems to be a window, but it is to high to reach.
Also above are two rectangular gaps, air is flowing out of them.
This room is made out of wood.
There seems to be dry paint on the wall.
@MonkeysUncle: yeah, sorry for being away for so long
Luke uses all of his strength (and the butchers knife)to break open the wall.
A new room is revealed
That man seems to be dead.
He's not even breathing.
John seems happy to see Luke again.
Luke asks him for his help.
John doesn't know anything about the box.
The bathroom door holds no secrets.
>Go through the metal door with the dead guy
Luke attempts to go in the next room but it seems to be locked from the other side.
There doesn't seem to be anything in this room that gives a hint for the code.
Luke presses a random combination of colors.
he hits four colors (blue,green,blue,red in that order.) before the box makes a negative beep.
This seems to have done nothing.
It seems the code can use any combination of the four colors to try and unlock the box.
Luke examines rectangular prism shaped object.
It is metal and it is locked.
It has some sort of lock that is color coded.
Luke does not know the code.
Oh my god how the fuck have i made 50 pages.
I usually quit things at this point, but i don't want to stop this.

Thank you everyone who reads and comments on this lame ass web comic!
Luke moves the dresser, revealing a small hole.
Luke is back in the bathroom.
What should Luke do?
Luke taps on the wall.
The sound comes as somewhat a surprise to Luke, the wall sounds hallow.
>be ready to flee back in to the safety of your kingdom if shit goes down
Luke gets away from the door as fast as he can.
He is now just staring at the wall.
"Is anybody in there?"
There is no response.