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Can't a guy masturbate in peace?
I re-read all your comics backwards again.

Where're you at these days?

I miss you. >:
If you're doing a fourth-wall "this is the space before I make the comic!" void-type thing, then yeah, a totally white space would be most appropriate, but if you're talking about a negative-dimension void that is supposed to be a real place, then I would encourage you to try and find a background that reflects that. Like the "going-through-time" void in Chrono Trigger or something similar.

It's up to you to figure out what's no appropriate; we may whine about what we think works best and what looks silly, but there are no rules.
Coming up for something for Mike to say when he was finally revealed from under the train. The one I settled on is somewhat obvious, but I like it. Another possibility I considered were him having been knocked senseless and spouting gibberish, and another had something to do with feeling like he was trapped under there for seven months. Hurr hurr hurr.

Normally I don't like to create filler episodes where no real plot development happens. But I think it's actually more common in these four-panel quip comics and something I should do more often. I hope this one comes across well, especially after the somewhat climactic strip just before it.

Hahaha, I had noticed that your 100th comic was coming up, but I didn't expect such a great celebration. Nice work.
At first when I didn't see a ball so I thought the joke was that they calculated exactly how it would've happened without actually playing the game.
Hahaha, why didn't you start drawing your comics earlier, this is totally adorable.
August 16th, 2009
Holy shit the face in the final panel made me "awww." Those eyelashes...!!
Panel four reminds me of Exeggcute.
What is that ball inflated with?
You'd think he would make some kind of counter-attack eventually.
Yours is a happiness that will pierce the heavens.
But a pro what?
I kinda want to see where this is going.
That's a pretty good face in panel three. I think you're hiding talent from us.
You know, I look back at the archives of this comic and notice that I did my best to make super mondo awesome witty comments after as many of them as I could, but most of the time I just sound like I'm trying too hard.
I started telling this joke to some people recently but then I had to stop before getting too far into it and say, "wait... this was original a comic strip, and I guess it doesn't work without seeing... well the cat had really long fingers, see..." But they still laughed when I got to the punchline.
I calls 'em like I sees 'em. You can't stop the truth from coming out.