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Greetings everyone! I'm Cherish. I have been drawing for a very long time and I have been inspired mainly by Manga and Anime. My hobbies other than drawing are listening to classic comedy, visiting museums and galleries, reading historical fiction, manga and historical romances. I really hope you like the webcomic that I'll be showing each week.

If you would like to see more of my drawings or of some of the other projects that I'm working on, then have a look at

My Blog:
My Deviantart page:

Thanks for visting ;)
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I wonder what it could be? I hope that what he opened isn't that shocking.
Happy Monday! I hope that your weekend was awesome. I went to a wedding which was great. Also I did a bit of browsing at my local bookshop look for what to read next. I have a rough idea what I would like.

We finally see Jun. Kayleigh and Jun have been best friends since their early teens. As their conversation are in brackets, they are completely speaking in another language. In this case it's Japanese.

Where would their conversation lead on to? Find out next week. Have a wonderful week.
Ooh, say YES Ewan! Then you can tell ME ALL about it!
June 11th, 2019
I'm very curious to see what happens nextwith Ian. That kickstarter sounds tempting by the way...
Happy Monday everyone! I hope that your weekend was awesome! My weekend included a lot of rest. I found myself sleeping more after a long and hectic week at work.

Kayleigh visits the valley fountain hospital to see her best friend Jun. What does he look like? What will his reaction be when he sees her?

Find out next week? Have a wonderful week.
Hmm. You do have a point there. However, I think he'll be back with stronger defences.
June 5th, 2019
Happy June and Happy Monday! I hope that your weekend was awesome. One of my friends got married and I went to a life drawing class which was cool.

Kayleigh blushes as she walks out of Angela Angela's Vegan Cafe. But all in all she is on her way somewhere. Find out where she is going next week.

Have a wonderful week.
Ooh, I was so excited. 😕
I'll be waiting patiently.That last panel made me smile as well as Ewan. 😍
May 27th, 2019
Waking up to responsibility is hard. Cortland you're doing fine. *hug*
Happy Monday! Thanks to everyone who came spoke, looked and bought some of my work at MCM London Comic Con. You are all amazing. I had a wonderful time and it's worth doing it again.

There 's another bank holiday today and I fina!ly get to recover.

Kayleigh wears a different dress and makes a detour to Angela's Vegan Cafe to see Akio. Yaay, They both seem to be shy with each other.

Please look out for the next update next week have a wonderful week.
Happy Monday! I hope q your weekend has been good. I got to go to the V&A with an friend from university as well as meet a new friend.

Kayleigh 's teacher gives her a task to fulfil there is also another task that she is going to do. Find out next week where she is going.

By the way, I will be at the London Comic Con from this Friday to Sunday. I will be sharing a table with Paul Shinn. We'll be at CV 217. Please come by and say hello.
May 18th, 2019
Ugh! What the fudge is HE doing here!?😠
Dark Moon because I can forever stare at Ewan. Loool! It's interesting because I think there might be new characters appearing soon.
Happy Monday! I hope that your weekend was good. I had another relaxing weekend and it was worth it. I managed to overwork myself.

Alas, another new character is introduced. Destiny is Kayleigh 's Language Teacher and also a very good friend of mine. What will she give to Kayleigh?

Find out next week!

Enjoy your week and make the most of it too.
And she strikes her well....ooh I am getting my hopes up again. 😄
May 12th, 2019
Aww, I want to hug you Ameliah. I so get it.
I have the same assumption too. I think she's going to be fine.
Happy Monday! I hope that your weekend was decent. My weekend was very good. I went to a friend's birthday party which was very cool. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Also today is another bank holiday today so I have another day off from work.

Akio reveals a plan to help Kayleigh with her problem. It seems Kayleigh 's language teacher will be of help. will it unfold. Find out next week. Have an incredible week.
Get in Amilah! GET IN!
Yes, I have. This has happened to me.