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>Beta gets healed by a mysterious figure
Fire Man.exe appears and attacks. (The one from MMBN)
@Elemental Kirby:
Good for you, so go ahead and enjoy your vacation!
@JohnFromStateFarm: Meh, I dont do spriting much anymore
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, How2/How3Mega. I remember you. This is a Nice banner, It looks pretty good. The Light v Dark like Banner looks ok; Its just not the comics theme (And where Am I? :(, but that doesnt matter)
But yeah, This looks decent, and I'm glad you took your time.
@MeekyG: Well, you seem to be in now, thanks to Ender.
Most of us are not out of school yet.
Gotta go faster faster faster...
Crash Is officially a Maniac now. :P
@matthewftw123: Add Me, I Guess. Sprites are on Ender's Comic. You'll see.
@Guest: I Can try. Recolor Them or Make them 8 Bit?
@Elexunderthehedgeho9: Thanks Dude! I can Upload a Few other things, Like an Actual Comic if you want.
@Elexunderthehedgeho9: Well, I can.
@JohnFromStateFarm: I see. I can Do other stuff, too. Make an account on This site BTW
Nice. I Might do something like this (Also add Me in here?)
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X:
So, Welcome To Ender's Sprite Comics. :P
@Red Haired Bastard: As said i can do Better. Also, there's more than 1. Look at the top.
As said, I CAN do Better.
@Red Haired Bastard: Eh. I Do Mostly Recolors Anyways. :/
Well, I take Requests, As i have done Better Ones. :)