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Hey everyone, just some random person who reads comics and has no life. Sometimes I go by Emerald

Wii U: Ethan potato
3DS: 5000-6241-3444
  • Real Name
    Ethan C.
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I like to imagine a squeaky toy sound as Atticus hits the ground
I believe it's stolen not stollen
Oh ho ho, Clara's totally gonna use Gamma's body to mess Opal up
Gonna smack someone with a big ol fish?
I certainly give demons lot's of love
Just have her read your lips-oh wait
Another miss. This cat is terrible
This cat's got terrible aim
Meta Knight is gonna appear to fight Galacta Knight. Then Marx is gonna stop Kirby
Well that's unfortunate
"En garde!"
"Garden!...wait no"
Not the first huh? Interesting
I wish my eyes could do that
Well, it is Monday

Probably not a dream
Oh those eyes
I bet it Luz's fault they became all weird n stuff