Hi! I read comics....... Mostly Kirby comics...... Judge me

Wii U: Ethan potato
3DS: 5000-6241-3444
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    Ethan C.
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That's probably a bad thing
Wow Apollo, rude
The not-so-subtly-labeled HQ
What is careful
Two consecutive failures in five seconds is really impressive actually
Oh no, not a Scarfy
Wow, what an ass
It is a nice color
Kirby distraction
Meta is actually going to explain something????? What????
I knew it would be them
Did Shadik eat Kirby's shortcake off the floor?
Nope too late. Everyone died
Angel really would be better
@Nashew: NAVO joined, I don't see why other non-kirbys couldn't join as well
@WildfireK: Sure, we'll go with that
I would destroy a world out of boredom
He's so cute and colorful and...another good adjective that starts with c!