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I love to write fanfiction (just OCs so far)...

I'm on Twitter as @magicmau5
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September 20th, 2015
@BlachDahl: Now introducing the Cimbrian collection - today's special is BTGO! Buy 2 princesses, get the heart of one prince free! it sounds like the home shopping network or something.
I will buy too!!! rope. Hmm Takashi needs to get his act together!
oh..... O.O

that was nice XD
@amanduur: I wonder if you were thinking of Kurokocchi when you created Yuu..."I've been here the whole time" lol
@amanduur: I wonder wonder oh oh oh...who wrote the book of love? HAHAHAHA I heard that as a wee bairn and I had to be annoying that way XD

THE BOOK PLZ N THANK U MY HEART IS NEARLY DOKI DOKI ON SMACK!!! I'm so fangirlling right now in the worst way...anticipating the package like it's Xmas come early...heheheheh omg yes!


Takashi, you get sexier the bossier you are! Bossy-kun, show Hiro who means business! Let me say very sincerely that I hope from the bottom of my fangirly heart that business hours start immediately upon Hiro entering your house. Or bedroom as you prefer.
YES the book! I just noticed that comment lol.
@amanduur: YES omfg I heart that so frickn much! I'm through with the first season of Kuroko no Basuke via Crunchyroll so I decided to check out Ace of Diamond and I fell in love with it :DDD. More anime! I'm pinning all my anime-related obsessions on pinterest and it's a great time-waster!!! (also good for procrastination)

6 STARS lol

Takashi - bring the lovin! And rope! XD May I also add that you look SO SEXXAAAYYY and jealousalicious in the 2nd panel. (I'm reading right-left...I hope that's correct??? I'm so hopeless)
@amanduur: I made frijoles de olla (pot beans - pinto- meaning not refried) & buffalo meat/carne asada; ate with tortillas de maiz,tomatoes & Pico Pica caliente last night...too lazy to cut up lechuga but it was awesome nonetheless.

I love how Dragosh wants to take care of him :) he's so sweet!
Takashi, you are my hero.
Oh Sooch is too cute for words....
Good luck on the exam prep!

OMFG JUST KISS ALREADY!!! Gannet I <3 you so be brave, coming out is hard but rewarding XD
LMFAO that face hahahahaha
Ok you're both on a bed so USE IT (please we're dying here)
@amanduur: OMFG dying from laughter at this Q/
A on amazon re: levi x eren pillowcase...
"IF I buy this, is Eren actually real in my bed? I want him to titan, and if he's not real, than i don;t want to spend the money in a fakey.
asked by Jerrod Schwarz on May 25, 2014"

A.: " Eren is real as a pillow, Oooh that sold silky texture... Oh yes, he does titan and when he does I swear you when you close your eyes it's as if you're down in that secret basement. If you ever get tired of Eren, just flip him and BAM there's Levi.

The pillow cover is the best purchase you will ever make on a body pillow, it's not bad quality at all. The cover is quite soft and silky. Depends on the body pillows you purchase that will define the fluffiness.
Angelica Robles answered on May 29, 2014"

ROTFLMFAO "I want him to titan"
@amanduur: I'm seriously considering buying a body pillowcase of sexy Levi x Eren (Attack on Titan) XDDD...I'm so crazy! *profusive/slightly obscene drooling*