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I like yaoi and coffee
I can't help but think about the poor people, who discovers your comic at this page - they'll be like: "That girl has got a boner!" xD Lol
I really love it n___n Come on, let him help you >:3 Ya know ya want to o:

BTW, I am learning germany, so where can I read your comic in the original language? :3
I already love his shadowed face, 'cause he's quoting Shakespeare ^^ Shakespeare is my hero! Go-go!
Finally I get the chance to tell you what a wonderful comic I think you've created! I don't understand why I haven't become a member earlier - I would've loved to comment every one of your pages!
Well, I can't remember how I found this webcomic, but I remember it made me so happy that I was irritating my family for days with a big smile, and because I was laughing for myself while remembering your pages. The style you draw in seems a little naive, then again a bit professional; I love it! The way you make a story is amazing. I've been looking at you DeviantArt, Jake in the Box, eh? Can't remember the name surely, but I loved the first chapter of the story - you should write more soon! You've got a fan in Denmark, that's for sure, I can't wait to see more!
Keep up the very, very adoreable work. I'm watchin ove you ;)
I just found your comic - and read it all, it's so amazingly great! especially the first couple of pages craked me up! I can't wait to see more n_____n