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Heyo heyo i make comics and read a shit ton of bl♡
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i feel like this gona end with the middle one siding with izzy via luring smh, or good of heart, no idea, okay some idea, ive seen enough movies and ennui go for this
September 26th, 2019
i meaan it's a good time indeed
thats one cute bikini, want
a w.i.p im never gonna finish, maybe i should start streaming soon
congrats! they deserve it~
a redo on an old character
March 1st, 2019
lovin these outfits
well it's confirmed his dad has blue eyes and mama thicc
didn't know lance had a twin
happy new year! and merry Christmas, and thanks giving and Halloween and....ive been gONE FOr WHile hUH?
gonna start updating moreee, best i can with school and all
self care!
take care of yourself first, if you need a break don't hesitant to take one, your well being is more important then getting the comic don't worry
loving these, keep it up!
doc how did you miss a corny joke in comment
I MEan it's better then nOTHIN
October 19th, 2018
keep up the good work!
im not cryingg yoUR CRYING
here come the bOOM
hiiiii how are you owo thank you for your comics even in such busy times uwu