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I've moved to another site. m sorry. but will discontinue my single comics. will come by for reading.
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that escalated quickly xD

wait a fuck did hiro just stay awake a whole comic
@Srushed: i need more of that icon soon amirite?
i know its not thee right time.and that its probably a censor...but...angels dont have regular nips huh, GUESS THEIR HALO'S AREN'T THE ONLY THING GLOWING, get ready for some glowing [R E D A C T E D] too
@Baby in a Trenchcoat: IF YOUR STILL ALIIIIVE
dont apologize, its a very much needed thing. i pray that you and your family recover from this and that you feel better soon. i know it takes a long time, take as much as you want.
that English was perfect hun! <3

also /thats okay ill survive for a few without, ill be sad but i know you need time because alot of people are watching your wonderful comic
want some ice for that burn?
im hard and i dont even have a dick. what.

alsoo your welcome uwu
honestly. idk. this was made at 2 am and i was up two days in a row
@Silver the Eevee: more like to lie to the bad guy so he doesnt find out where that disk that could potentially destroy humanity is
December 12th, 2017
glad u passed! and yes indeed these people finally get a bit of it, not sure if it'll last long tho haha...
my oh my
how does he not hit everyone with those antlers
and omg /he looks so gay he's shining/