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I've moved to another site. m sorry. but will discontinue my single comics. will come by for reading.
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old doodle thing.

makes me wanna cringe but hey little me tried
t-shirts-hoodies-mugs-phone cases are popular things.
two types of people lol
your okay!! :D
so im a little late due to SJ problems meh. uvu'
@waving_cheshire: it was bound to happen.
ayyyy good luckarooni
WE WUV YOU THTS Y ;W;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥

also i wanna draw something for you so you want anything?
old art book stuff
this is from one of my 79 art books i own. where i was doing mlp more. i still do it but not as often. i do more hoomans now uvu

/also my cousin claimed the one at the top hence her signiture. the bottom one is a meme of zane.
1980's zinnia and zinnia in a lil gown
October 13th, 2017
if he ever does drugs does he see normal???
@HollyTheFluffyCat: buying your owns easy too a four pack works just a dollar at the dollar store

and tbh i litterly just draw a line for noses sometimes uwu'
awwe uwu
i think im only gonna make this like a few chapters long haha, unless people actually like it
/bet its link/