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Oh yeah, Gigatron featured on NanowaR of Steel's Norvegian Reggaeton song! But I don't speak spanish so I'm missing the funny lyrics in most Gigaton's songs.
Comment title lol
Hey Darius, what happened to your hair??
Also, do you listen to NanowaR of Steel, which name is definitely not a spoof on Rhapsody of Fire :D ?
Lucypher = lucifer + cypher ???
He looks a tiny bit less alive right now!
My questions :

- For the little Durchii:
“Who's a good kid? Who's a good kid? Yes you are !”
- For Darius:
“Turning into a woman is a crappy day thing? What the hell are you talking about! Seems great to me!
Name puns!
He surely will keep that secret!
Why does none of the daemons have a dick? Are you an enemy of the dicks, Darius? Did some Richard beat you when you were a child?
I don't know what those are, but they look like wraithbone construct/creatures. Pretty cool! They kind of look like WFB's dryad too.
But why? I didn't want to see boobs.
Unusually gory.
Fallen sighted
Damn, those Specters went all Dark Angels!

“Fallen sighted, leave all allies to die, and if they somehow manage to win come back to kill them to cover up”
Cursed armor
Is this a cursed armor? Is this like in Baldur's Gate/DnD, some armor that switches your gender?
Trappy trap is obvious
If he tries to go back the the Dark Angels, he will be captured by the Inner Circle way before anyone else in the chapter get to know about him, thrown in a torture cell, and he will die there after a long, long time of torture and interrogation. Even if he does not, well… what can a stupid sword do against stuff like titans, and baneblades and orbital bombardment?
Now Zael can polish his loooong, big sword!
Is Skraat twice as tall as he was at the beginning of the comic, or what? He is just so tall!
Hey Darius, are you taking part in MagicMeatWeek? You should totally take part in MagicMeatWeek. Please tell me you are taking part of MagicMeatWeek :P.