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September 7th, 2017
@Guest#8591: actually your jaw muscles are powerful enough to destroy your teeth. Generally it just hurts too much to keep biting that hard.
Took me a couple seconds to get the joke, nice one.
which rod is it?
@kryptoknight: That is very true, fishing rods are technically nothing more than a stick or a pole. The only question that remains now is: Is that an old rod or an ultra rod?
Fishing Rod?
Is that a fishing rod?
Please tell me that's a fishing rod and not a stick Gold picked up to get violent.
. . . on second thought, scratch that, please tell me that's a stick that Gold picked up to get violent and not a fishing rod.
That'd be golden.
Welcome back
People are still around, though I may have to reread a bit to figure out what happened again.
It's nice to see updates, best of luck getting used to that tablet.
Singing in the rain
So if this were a musical is this where Gold would start singing in the rain?
Also I'm siding with Gold on this one, she never explained herself after all. How're they supposed to be a functioning couple if they don't talk to each other.
. . . .
Unless she did explain herself and I completely forgot about that fact.
It'd be hilarious if he grabs instead.
talk with your mom
I guess the mom wasn't really that fond of the idea of going out into the world with a pokemon and grounded you harder than any Groudon ever could.
overdoing it
I guess it's one thing having to worry about your pokemons life during a battle, and at the same time worrying about the lives of your opponents pokemon. However at the rate Gold is training they'll have to worry about the collatoral damage to the entire city. I do hope that Gyms are built like nuclear bunkers or similar. Otherwise Gold is gonna have a lot of debt on his hands due to property damage. Well with a bit of luck he can shove it on his dad :D
Take your time
Don't worry about us, we'll be around even if you take 2 years and longer. Take your time and do what you gotta do.
"No one here is from Team Rocket"
ok Atty here's what I want you to do: stay calm, and don't say a word, they still think you're just a trainer.
Dang this guy is spamming hella hard, he better stop pressing all those buttons before this gets out of hand.
Not George?
Well bummer, I was wrong. I was so sure it'd be George too.
That face can only mean 1 thing.
That expression, that blank look of horror on Attys face can truely only mean that THAT person is back. A person with a personality so horrid it makes Attys skin crawl as if a thousand spders were in his pants, a Person that haunts his very being.


yep, he's screwed.
Wow, the more I'm seeing the more I'm looking forward to what comes next. Not quite sure what to expect yet but you're doing a mighty good job so far H0lyhandgrenade. Just make sure to stay safe, even though anything that touches you would be just a flesh wound :P
oh snap
@MrZAP: you know this really sounds like Misty now, wanting her badge, being the gym leader etc. well I guess the upside is that she isn't as annoying as Misty was.
Mission accomplished?
Now then, Atty has his badge, DT's pretty much ko, Rat has gone into a depression and Oddish is being, ehm, well Oddish? Anyways, the big question is now, where's he gonna change out of his soaking clothes, cause I'm pretty sure there's a big R on the shirt below. I don't think anyone should see that really, might get him into trouble.
And you all thought Oddish was merely dancing now did you. . . . . . . . well to be honest I thought that too, dang that Oddish is sneeky.
that face in the last panel is just wonderful I love it. keep up the good work enjoying the story so far.
Goodbye Golduck?
This looks to me like the tide is turning. wonder if DT will actually beat Golduck or if Atty's just gonna use it to scare it to death and then finish it with Rat. Then again that'd go completely against Attys personality. Guess we all gotta stay tuned for the next page of Mokepon.