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I enjoy drawing not just in my free time- all the time. I love Ice cream and tuna melts, along with Cats(of course) and foxes. I love to roleplay on certain websites with my internet friends:)
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cant wait to see what happens next! :3
Is it me, or is the boy and Kabutops playing the tcg? the boy looks likes hes holding cards. :P
I have an idea who Ninas dad might be if her mom is (i think) Kynim from the diamond run. te he he
@supersonicfan0 that would be a interesting plot twist, and it would make sense.

why kecleon seems to be fitter now, and why there a humans that are now pokemon (they just turned into pokemon upon death then) tho its very unlikely
Comment about the links that have been put in your comment- "What has been seen, can't be unseen." My brain is terrified

not mommmmm
Love this comic! I only have one wonder- egg ever gonna hatch? im so curious what it will be, Xd
Love this nuzlocke! I wonder what the notes are, hmm.
The puzzle
when you showed the small map of the puzzle, i scarcasticly thought "well its easy you go like that then you do that then that then that" and i figured it out like whoa brain slow down
Oi! I never knew you had your comic on smackjeeves, i always thought it was just devaintart.
Love how its all progressing:3

Its a squirtly marching band that only producing one sound: "Squirtle"
aye! I see youve followed a theory:P one out there somewhere that the raticate died of garys/greens/blues
before we all know it
youll have the whole gang



I love this comic
ive read alllll of the pages you have made in this day.... I LOVE THIS COMIC! one day i honestly think you should publish it as a comic book. That would be awesome
Appa is a brilliant name

love that name