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Take your time
Cheese! That's really rude! People should think in all the dificulties of working and trying to draw at the same time! Don't let them get you down or pressure you, just ignore them! And remember your followers will wait patiently for every beautiful page :) I love your character Raymundo and your furry style '3'
June 30th, 2018
Don't worry sweety, you don't have to force yourself to like someone just because everybody does. You'll always have your family to support you and friends that will accept you as you are, with or without crushes ;)
@Oly-RRR: If only... D:
Welcome back
I missed this comic :)
For a moment, I believed I was in the wrong comic and this was probably a translated version to another language :P
Wait... What!?
What are you Dragosh!? Just spit it all DX
I'm diying for that plot D:
There are a lot of cuestions to answer D:
*Cough... Also sex... *Cough...
Yes, please. Explain yourself, we want to kwon >:|
December 4th, 2016
Oh my!!! This outfit is so hot ^///^;
Damn, I going to need ice to calm down D:
December 4th, 2016
Oh! Cool, if you even need a Spanish speaker, I've glad to help :D
By the way, I love your style XD
An illusion
-it's a trap!! They're going to be eaten!!
Did he just... cure him?
I don't undertand! Is Ivo in a trance or something because Dragosh blood??
Well it seems like Dragosh had a really hard time to restrain himself from his lower instincts since he stopped being a human and this ended with a hurt Ivo. This sure is making Dragosh feel really guilty. And though, at first, he tried to ignore the fact, Ivo's rejections get him.
I'll be waiting for the full book 1 *¬*
Hmm don't know. Lineart is more clean and gives the chance for more details, but sketchy is a rough style that makes the comic look different. At the end I guess the best style is the one you like better.
P.d. sorry for the bad English.
I just felt like making this theory. If in our present time, they are scientist developing DNA testers devices, small and easy to use. And present technology is able to monitor the status of the human body and even of a plant. Is quite reasonable to think in a possible future where our smartphones would be able to test DNA as easy as count steps. So I suppose that combining both technologies plus some amplifiers and a bit of hacking of one or two codes in the program of the phone, it would be possible to create the ghost tracker using Charlie's logic. Probably...
P.S. Sorry for my bad english
I bet he's naked e.e