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I like LGBT+ related comics and fantasy comics. Sometimes humor ones, too. I'm an office-worker and I like cappuccinos and doodling on the post-it on my desk during breaks.
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Is he gonna cry?
Back to closed panels for the third page! See you next thursday for a new page c:
For more updates and WIPS, here's the FB page -->
November 14th, 2019
@eishiya: I'll go change it right now, you've been very considerate, thank you a lot!
November 14th, 2019
Plans are already gone
I think it's not uncommon to leave work planning a relaxing evening and having a 360 about yur own plans in less than a minute.
November 13th, 2019
The sweet smell of PIZZAAAA
It's weird to post a page that screams TGIF on wednesday? Let's hope it's not XD
I love fantasy stories, I'm so happy I've found a good one to read.
I liked the way you've joyously intoduced the characters (also, the heroine is such a sweetheart), but I'm so scared of what will happen next XD Hope everyone will be OK!
Thanks for your hard work **9
Jumping to conclusions
Since I didn't update for...too much, it's double-update time!
stop thinking...
...Share that double!!
@YukixKaname1: I hope the actual request won't disappoint you!
Let's go shopping!
So, here we are:
Ari is Stefan's older sister and now Leon's ex.
Stefan seems to like this "Miki" person.
Flavio's pretty fond of Leon.
Leon's a...dumbass, somehow?!
Just to recapitulate!
A wild Stefan re-appears!
Playing the best-friend card always works, with Flavio.
Good job, you silly little megane boy u.u
A new character arrives
Here it comes Stefan!
September 26th, 2016
@SomiJuli: Actually, I liked to see the style improving and I'm super happy for the triple upload!** I started reading it since the banner caught my curiosity and I went through it in one sitting 'cause I couldn't stop XD I should go read your other stories asap!
@SomiJuli: Thanks! I was worried it could not seem like one
September 21st, 2016
I've just read it all...and I'm SO curious to see what's next, now!! These two are so sweet and Jona's definitely great **
Thanks a lot, you're very kind! I'm really happy you liked this giant marshmallow XD
Love&hate for Flavio's hair
Still here
Sorry for the delay, I still have to figure how to manage the work and get the pages done on time, but I'm slowly getting back on track!
@DianaJones: Hopefully it'll lead to more xp at the end of the quest, too! XD
End of chapter 1
I love goldfishes, but I have to learn how to draw them properly, argh

Also, this is why I lovely call this comic 'the one with the fapping and the goldfish'
Stupid me
Let's not tell anybody I messed up with auto-update...sorry *coffcoff*