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I am someone who likes to delve into all kinds of creative pursuits- writing songs and lyrics, drawing comics, writing plays.
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February 13th, 2017
@Respheal: Thanks for the quick response. I feel stupid, I was looking for a number code and didn't notice the letter code in the URL.
February 13th, 2017
Help With TWC add-on
Hi, I love the TWC voting site you helped put together. I'm having a problem though and can't find a way to comment directly on the voting site. I want to add-on comic and it asks to enter a 10 digit code. The thing is, I can find a 5 digit code number but not a 10 digit one. Where would I find this?
We're Moving
Hi. I'm sad to say that as of November 22, Tangled River will no longer be hosted on this website. If you'd like to continue following Tanya's adventures, here's the link:

I'll be back on the regular Wednesday update schedule starting the first week of December. Thanks for your support on Smack Jeeves.
Nice work!
A Brief Hiatus
Hi Everyone,

Yay- that’s the end of Book One!

Just thought I’d write a longish post talking about some future plans I’ve got for Tangled River.

First of all, thanks to everyone who has commented and/or subscribed. I love reading all the discussions about what’s going on in the comic, though I’ve mostly refrained from chiming in because I want the book to speak for itself. I really appreciate it when you catch a misspelling or some continuity error. That’s one nice thing about webcomics, you can go back and fix stuff.

On the topic of fixing stuff, I’ve been dying to go back and do some redrawing of the first 25 or so pages. I’ve been learning on the job, and I’d like the comic to look somewhat consistant, even though I’ll be doing my best to get better as an artist.

So what I’m going to do is take a little hiatus, so I can finish up the redraws and get a few pages ahead in Book Two. I’ve managed to keep up the weekly updates so far, and I plan to get back on schedule by the last week of June. I’ll try to have the redrawn pages posted in a week or so. I’ll post updates on my rarely used Twitter page:

Many of the earlier pages look very cluttered and text-heavy to me, so what I’ve been doing is cutting down the number of panels per page . To make this work I added a new page between pages 4 and 5, so I’ll find a way to insert that without messing up the numbering of all the pages. I might change Page 1 to Page 0 and so on for the first 5 pages, so after Page 6 everything can keep the old numbering.

Another thing I’m going to be doing in the next few weeks is looking into the possibility of publishing a print edition of Tangled River. The final book (years away) will be pretty hefty, so if there’s some interest out there, I’d like to print it in 3 or 4 volumes. There are so many options for getting things in print these days, that if anyone has some helpful suggestions I’d love to hear them. I know Kickstarter is a possibility, though I don’t think I have a big enough fan base to do that right now. Would anyone like to see a Kickstarter for Tangled River-Book One:“The Fate Wheel”?

So, sorry about the delay. I promise that Tanya’s adventures will continue soon.

Webcomics App
Tangled River is currently being featured on the app Webcomics Now. You can get it free here:
Webcomics Now
Tangled River is currently being featured on the app Webcomics Now. You can get it free here:
December 15th, 2015
This looks real nice. I'll be going back and reading it from the beginning.
Nice work. I really like your inking style.
There's a questionnaire type interview with me appearing on the Best WebComics site:

Check it out.
Pretty Cool Webcomics just ran a review of Tangled River. Check it out. angled-river
Thanks for the nice comments. I hope I don't disappoint you.
One Year Anniversary
Hey, it’s been one year since I uploaded Page One of Tangled River! Anyone out there who’s been reading since the beginning? I thought this would be a good time to fill you in on what’s going on with the comic.

I’ve managed to keep on schedule- 52 Wednesday updates. When I started I had a 15 page head-start, which has since dwindled down to 5, which is okay- no need for me to stress out too much. I’m pretty sure I can keep up with a page a week, and though I’d like to someday get that up to twice a week, I know at this point I couldn’t manage that without a decrease in quality.

Those of you who have been following TR for awhile have probably noticed that the story has been unfolding at a pretty leisurely pace. We’re reaching the point in the story now where things are coming more into focus, and the direction of the plot is more easily discernable. Thanks for hanging in there.

It’s way too early for me to start thinking about printing some kind of Tangled River collection, though I would love to do it someday. First, I would have to get the readership way up. I’m happy with following I have now, but it’s nowhere near large enough to attempt a Kickstarter or some other way of financing a big print project. The Project Wonderful ads I’ve been running have been a big help in finding new readers, but I can’t afford to invest too much in that. I’m prepared to be patient, I’m focusing on finishing a big enough chunk of the story to fill out a reprint volume- which will take at least another year.

This year I’ve managed to get a couple of reviews in the web press- a feature spotlight on The Duck Webcomics
and a review on Best Webcomics

If any of you out there can help get Tangled River some notice, I’d really appreciate it. Also, thanks to everyone who’s written comments and/or voted for TR in on TopWebcomics (link at the top of the page).

Anyway, I’m dedicated to improving the comic, staying on schedule, and hopefully keeping readers happy. On to Year Two!

Thank you Professor Fate. I hope future episodes don't disappoint you.
Thanks to everyone who has voted for Tangled River at Top Web Comics.
Thanks again to those who voted for TR on Topwebcomics. I think that moving up on the ranking is actually getting me some new readers.
Hi Habe. Thanks for the feedback. I really haven't had an inspiration yet for what a final Tangled River cover should be. Last week I was in touch with a new site for webcomics and they wanted a cover image, so I threw something together using images I already had. I kind of liked it, so I uploaded it to Smackjeeves and Comic Fury. I don't have any plans to print the comic in the near future, so when that time comes I will definitely take your advice and find a visual that better represents what the comic is about.
Thanks again to everyone who voted for Tangled River at the topwebcomics site. It's been fun watching it slowly creep up the list.

If you'd like to pitch in, the address is:
Thanks to Best Webcomics for featuring Tangled River this week. And look for an upcoming interview with me on their site.
@Number 12: I'm glad you like the comic and I'm always really happy when I hear from a new reader.