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I... I love you. I loooove youuuu!! o3o <3
*Guffaws* Have I ever told you how much I love Eila?
Hahah, that sounds like my friend~ Everytime she comes over, I try to go hide in my closet or run away to another friend's house... >3>;
Dave and Bro Striiiiderrrr

Heheh, it's okay Sunny! XD

(Boy, why you so shiny? lol)
lol, quite the cocky one isn't he? XD
I agree with jadeann. >.> I blame... something! >w<
School and comic-epicness renders us speechless? :D

Well, my brain just isn't being coherent. lol

>.> Keani... You jerk, lol.
lol, already introducing Nagi's personality, haha~
Wait... Didn't you get sunburned like 2 days ago too? >.>

D'aw, of course he likes that. >3

Get 'im Craig, Get 'im! >D

Wait... Thuesday? THERE's A NEW DAY!? *Spazz*
Hehehe, Ehukai's reactions... freaking adorable. :D

Sorry for being a picky grammar person, I'm not trying to be mean, but it's supposed to be...

"Don't be so happy already, moron"

>,< Sorry sorry!
LOL, Herz... he just... has some of the best reactions ever... XD


So random... stop making me spew soda!! (Just kidding, go ahead 8D lawl)

He... he would be fun at a party~
If I had money... and it were English printed... I would soooo buy it...

And.. *Goes to work on Fanart* Lawl <3 Do you have a DA?


Yummy~! Pssst, I see a lil belly there Haru~ Keke
So cute Haru~

Make that face some more

AHAHAHA~! Inevitable mind ffffuck~!

Silly Jacob.
Fffft, Herz is like the happy-go-lucky foreverraepable "I make cute faces" blondie~

Lmao, Ninja David~

Omg, Jack reminds of my Lars a bit.. Hahaha

Poor Leo~~ XD
d'awww, Herzy yer so cute~
He reminds me of someone...