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The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool.

-Stephen King
As it says. Sorry!! @__@
I've got a little extra treat for you all, for putting up with me :) so here you go, Vin and his top 10 favorite songs.

You can the .zip file here :D

PS. if you are just seeing this update and didn't catch the one I made yesterday, go back a page. <3
sorry this page is 1...well, 2 days late :x I was busy with various things (*coughcoughincludingIronMan*) and whatnot BUT HERE IT IS.

on the bright side this page makes me laugh a lot, so I can at least say I am fairly pleased with it.
Sorry this is kind of late XD; it gave me a LOT of trouble ugh.

omg exposition...sort of. :D I like teasing you all.

ahem :>

you know that restaurant must be fancy, look how clean the bathroom is. boy, I can't wait to get to the flashback portions of the story. James need to crazy-out more though before you get to find out how fucked up he is.
okay I lied, only one page. >_>

I'll admit I'm getting a little burnt out on this; the story isn't progressing as fast as I'd hoped and the frequent updates mean I can't put as much as I'd want into each page, even if this IS just a rough draft. I know I plan on discontinuing it online eventually, but I think before that happens (since I want to get to an interesting part of the story first, as well as have fans that'd be willing to follow it into publication), I need to ... just figure stuff out hmm ~ so I think from now on I am only going to update on Fridays. that'll give me more time to sort of the pacing and do better art <3
Sorry I didn't get to a comic today; with Easter yesterday, my friend's birthday today, and my other friend's birthday tomorrow (I still need to draw her her gift), I didn't get around to it ;.;

This is actually a re-draw of a picture I drew almost 2 years ago, to see my improvement (sorry if you've already seen it):
If this page is confusing to you, then sorry, I am a terrible writer, the final version will be better.

..Er, as I was saying. If it is confusing to you, please see page 4 of chapter 1.
I'M BACK LIKE A HEART ATTACK, GUYS! whoo. (that is, if anyone is still reading XD) &hearts; Monday and Friday updates, once again.

this page didn't scan that well, so sorry if some of it is hard to read. but I've gotten a lot of ideas of exactly how to write the next few pages, so yay <3

Since I have no idea when the new band will finally get formally introduced, I think I'm just going to tell you guys who they are.
Nick Maxwell (drama)
Jack Parry (chubby and black haired)
Cedric Vasquez (tall and fluffyhaired)
Joe Priest (not on this page but on the last one)

PS, hey guys thank you for all the nice comments lately! :) I love you and welcome, new fans <3 I'm sorry for how excruciatingly slow this story is progressing.
Ookani: Lol, nope, that's just his last name XD
James is back to that good or bad?! XD And dragging Chris of all people into a childish insult-contest...and then getting angry.

Also in the last panel...Jack isn't meant to be that short. I didn't notice until the last minute and couldn't change it, just pretend he's leaning...very far forward :D;
James, you can not pull of suspenders. Never wear them.

I much prefer it when I hand-letter, handwriting needs to be legible for that to work :( I'm still sort of trying to find the right medium for this...all traditional, or should it be spiced up with digital panels/shading/text as well? Decisions decisions...
SORRY GUYS DON'T WORRY, WE WILL RETURN TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED UPDATE...SCHEDULE VERY SOON. Promise :) Starting next week it will be back to Monday/Friday.In the meantime, thanks for reading + sticking around :D I love you guys and hope you're enjoying it so far!

(P.S. happy Hannukah X3)
ugh god SORRY I've been so bad about updating. Just came back from a trip visiting relatives who have cancer or are getting legs amputated and stuff.

ANYWAY. *prods the story along* I hate how smackjeeves makes me save these as jpegs, the quality is so baddd.
new page, new page~

Sorry updates have been shaky. RL stuff and whatnot :/ but ANYWAY. Bah JPEG ruined this page, the PNGs are always too big!

also: let me know who your favorite character is (so far)! when I hit 50 fans I'm going to draw a "Thank you" picture starring the two most popular, possibly being naughty.
and I continue to fail at backgrounds XD
SOOO sorry this page got up late. I've literally been working on it on and off all day u.u;;

But anyway, the beginning of chapter two :]