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I've moved SSF to these two sites. Mainly so I don't have to upload pages in so many formats.

Here are the websites,

Thanks everyone!
@RMZERO: Sorry! I haven't had a chance to work on the comic, but I'll post a update picture soon.
@Cosmic Candy: Thank you!!
@RMZERO: Sorry for the late reply but yes, there will be a warrior merboy joining the group as well. Thanks!
@RMZERO: The merboys will be showing up very soon. We'll get a look at their school as well.
@shreego: Thank you! I loved doing the contrast even though it was a bit tricky making sure it still matched with the other pages. But I'm glad you liked it!
It was fun drawing the darker side of the ocean. This place isn't too friendly.
Next up, we'll get a sneak peek of the mysterious Delmare.
@RMZERO: Thank you! And yes,there will be many more types of mermaids and mermen coming up soon.
Signature attack in 3 2 1...!
@Guest: Yes, the first battle! I'm not sure what the Ch.2 title should be. Maybe Lumiere De La Mer.
Frasei's first battle begins!
@Grace-Beauty: Thank you! I'm glad you like it!
Cover for Chapter two! There will be a two page update next week.
@mhikari: Wow! You still have the old comic. That's awesome!
@mhikari: Yes!! It's finally time.
End of Chapter One!!!

If you would like to see this page animated, check out my taptastic page,

Anyways I'll be taking a quick break to catch up on projects but I'll be uploading some sketches in the meantime. I hope you all enjoyed chapter one! I have tons more planned for this story.
@Murohshei: Ok, I see how it can be a little confusing. I'll keep that in mind for future pages.