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Hardcore Fujoshi, need i say more?
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i just binge read this entire comic in one go! its so beautiful! you even give detail to backgrounds! and i love seeing the different sides of the characters like sami's devious side! and how seiya is sweet upfront but also hella sexy! i can't wait to see more of our scary scientist! and the way you showed how just holding hands affected both of them! so perfect! can't wait to see more!
December 2nd, 2018
he's so much cuter than i expected!! did the wizard alter his body or do all mountain cats look like this?
Omfg I missed your art!! I’ve been having withdrawals bad! These last few pages are gorgeous! So well done and well worth the wait!! Great work!
October 7th, 2017
i never get sick of seeing your gorgeous artwork!
i'm really loving this so far! keep up the great work!
Holy cow Rio cleans up so damn nice!!! I love everything about this look!! The choker, the nails, and ripped jeans!! I'm so happy u r back with this comic!
these are some of the best drawn small breasts I've eve seen! well done!
September 19th, 2016
Fuck yes I'm so happy you're back!!! The quality of this comic makes it well worth the wait!! And seriously the textures in this page are stunning! From the sky to the bricks it's all so well done. I think you were spot on when you said that Aldi took a page from Kris's book when he's jumping right to sex because he just wants to feel something other than sadness and pain. He wants to forget it all just for a moment. And he is being hunted down so why not enjoy his possible last night alive? And Radan must be so pissed right now because he wants all or nothing with Aldi and he figures Aldi just wants to have a one night stand.
I had to take another look to notice that nice shiny pink/purple dildo in the drawer!!! omg i hope javier calls him out on it!! "did you think of me when you used this?"
omg this comic is so good!!!
i just binge read this entire comic in one sitting! its so good!! you should definitely make a patreon bc i will totally support u! especially if u draw character sheets or character questions and answers or maybe you know something a bit sexy!
but for real tho love this comic! your backgrounds are just as amazing as the characters! i love that you use various view points and your perspective skill is top notch! and the fight scenes are awesome! and so many bishounen and ikemen!
I'm so happy i found your comic! i found you by deviantart! you did a tutorial on coloring a comic page! anyways can't wait for next page! amazing work!
I just signed on to be your patron!! no regrets ever! i love your art and I'm so happy that i can donate to helping you make more absolutely gorgeous smut!! btw this page is honestly so well done its scary! you leveled up in the art game super fast!
The art on this page is stunning!! Val's silouette is so sexy!! I love "V" shaped backs!! And the way Kris is licking his lips in the last panel oh my that's so fucking hot!! And his tail is adorable!! I hope we can see it wag when he's happy or that it's extremely sensitive erogenous zone that Kris uses to make him cum! Btw hiatus is no problem at all! We will eagerly await the rest of this scene!
@natta0202: I second this motion! We all have real life get in the way of shit we love to do and it means more than u know that you even came back and started working again!!! We love u and hope life isn't being a complete asshat to u!! Love this page btw!
this comic is like the most addictive ever!!!!! i cannot wait to see each of these two couples get together and be all naked and in loooove!
April 24th, 2016
this is a beautiful piece! his facial proportions are really well done and with this lips its no wonder all the boys want him!
April 3rd, 2016
i love this damn comic! and not knowing what he used to pay the wizard is killing me!
do you think u could give any examples that someone could use as payment to become human?
All the tiny little details on this page are sooooo damn good!!! Give your baby a big hug and kiss from all of us here!!
Seriously when the fuck did these two get this cute?!? I can't wait for them to finally go on that damn date tho!!
this page!!
this page is amazing and its so evident just how much work you put into it!!! overtime i look at it i see another detail i didn't before!! if you ever want to start a patreon i will be one of the first in line!! and when did you make a human being?! i totally missed that!! congrats!! oh! also i hope your health is doing well!
February 27th, 2016
The bodies on this page are really well done! All the foreshortening and overlapping is really good!! Also the dialogue is the best! Not evil! Snort!