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Carter you idiot.
Hello everyone, thank you for all the great feedback! I haven't had the chance to respond yet due to the holidays and what not, but I've decided I'll continue to include the shading since that seemed to receive positive responses (that and I feel like including it would help me improve overall). I was also kinda surprised at the concern for my health Σ(・口・)?! Do not worry, I'm in good physical health and my wrist doesn't hurt anymore so don't worry I will continue updating as regularly as possible lol (though I'll be honest I should <strike>definitely</strike> probably work out more haha OTL). Man, I have the best readers/fans T^T. Thank you all for your kind words and your honesty. I sincerely wish each and all of you a fabulous holiday and great health!
December 20th, 2017
@sstogner1: Hehe :>! Thank you! It isn't until quite some time later but it's good to get started early lol. Thanks again! I'm pretty sure it's back to normal now so I hope to continue working on stuff more lol.
QUESTION: Out of curiosity, would it be better if I stopped shading in the comics but uploaded more frequently? Or would do you guys prefer the shading but update as I do now?

Anyway hello again! Thank you everyone for your get well messages and concern the past couple weeks. I'm pretty sure that my wrist has healed (or stopped hurting lol) so I will try my best to update as regularly as possible.
December 1st, 2017
@Xaryna: Lolol. Thank you :>! Yes and I see they're not made of steel haha.
@Supernova9817: T___T Thank you <3 I really appreciate the encouragement!
@Misfit_Mimi: lol merci ;>!
December 1st, 2017
Hello readers! I’m very sorry for the lack of updates the past month but I somehow messed up my wrist. Not sure how or what I did but moving it feels bad, so I’ve been trying to take it easy on drawing. In addition to that I’ve recently acquired a table at a local convention. So I’ll be splitting focus between the comic and preparing for that. Possibly more update on that later if anyone is interested.
And a little something extra at the end heheh. (ゝ◡╹)ノ♡
AHHHH Sorry I posted this late!!!
Happy Halloween all you beautiful people. I didn't have a chance to draw the Knots characters in costumes this year OTL. So instead here's a lazy illustration of the rarely seen dominatrix Lee in one of his outfits lol.
@di-chan: Haha if only someone could help sort his thoughts for him ;>.
@Xaryna: Ah thank you for your patience regardless :>! I've been kind of updating inconsistently but I hope to work on that lol.
@sstogner1: TvT Thank you! Haha perhaps Carter's well deserved break will come soon.
@Auldr: Hahah well the former wouldn't be wrong either XD. But thank you :>!
October 27th, 2017
Lee dozes off in public more often than he likes to admit since work kinda drains him every evening.

It's been happening already but as a heads up from now on updates will occur every other week. I really wish I could update every week like before but lately pages are taking longer for me to complete so I could really use the extra time. OTL But thank you everyone who's be very understanding and patient with me TvT you guys are the best!
October 16th, 2017
@R.O.-bot: TvT thank you and honestly that is the best kind of fan <3.
Oh bother? LOL
I feel like I don't say this enough but thank you guys for your patience. I know I'm not the most punctual but I really appreciate that you guys support me and still stick with me through this despite the rather slow pacing of this comic.
@sstogner1: -V- Gotta do it for the readers!
October 9th, 2017
@Akkalia: I just took this word for word from Wiki. It says "mainly to gay males..." however this does not mean exclusively. There are male dominatrices that work with female or non-male clients.
@R.O.-bot: I'd hate to spoil it but not quite yet OTL!