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I like many things. If you want to play me in Pokemon D/P, Jump Ultimate Stars, Yu-Gi-Oh GX Spirit Caller, or trade in MegaMan Star Force, here are my FCs:
PKMN D/P:1160-6194-0749
YGO SC:later
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    Tyson Barone
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Thank you for your wonderful comic. I have been a fan for years now and will be sad to see it go.

Incidentally, this was the last SmackJeeves comic that I have still read. Not much point in coming back here now I guess...
Slow Robots...
Okay, now I'm waiting for Wily to send Quick Man to the Mushroom Kingdom just to fight Sonic. Should give him a run for his money.
Two backshots in one comic? Is that a new record for you DHK?
It might just be a good ol' fashioned Fire Flower.
That Star will run out soon though. Maybe they should have gone with a more permanent powerup. Like Fire Flowers. (A Mega Mushroom would be fine though :))
Of course not, this is entire unscripted!
Once it recovers, it'd probably gonna shoot Amy. Then Luigi if it can get off his head.
To para[phrase Bo and George...
Mario, what have I told you aout ringing mortal enemies home?
It would be funny if we see him wall crawling back up. Doubly so he gets shot again and falls back down.
You're never gonna continue this are ya buddy?
Is the sword still wood? I not, perhaps it's time to use the Heavenly Fury again
I can't wait to see Mega Man's reaction when he gets home and finds out the news.
No way the judges will allow a fatalit...
Sadistic choice?
Now that's just playing dirty. But still... GO BASS!
why does Kendo Man not looking like a problem worry Proto Man?
Bye Kendo Man!
So Heavenly Fury didn't work. O well. Time to beak out the Justice Flail.
Knuckles is stupid for suggesting that, and Bass is stupid for agreeing with it! Stupidity all around!
Maybe Kendo Man is an honorable warrior that is just waiting for his opponent before he causes damage.
Mega Man II?
So is Mega using his weapon set from Mega Man II? Because both Metal Blade and Time Stopper com from there.
No fire...
Unfortunately for Mario, Mega Man has the advantage. Mario is in his regular form, maybe Super form. Unless he stubles upon a Fire Flower on Sonic's turf, He has no ranged abilities.