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What am I doing with my life
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Omg this page really reminds me of this one from saiyuki, love it!
It looked they were kissing in the thumbnail so I was all FINALLY

This is also absolutely great and lovely and omg omg omg
Louis totally wants the scrumpkins.
Louis you better not be thinking dirty thoughts
...Who am I kidding, he's a teenager.
I think Louis' giddyness is contagious because I just gave my chocolate milk that exact same loving gaze after reading this page.
February 23rd, 2016
You know they ded

the end
Either the site is overloaded by all the traffic or something's wrong, because the website doesn't work for me :c
Internally SCREAMING in excitement because of that adorable picture in the top right
Katsuhiko is one pimpin' dude!
Anyway, make sure to recommend our comic to your friends! It would make us really happy :D
Oh my sweet goddess the angles in this page. I love them. You really FEEL the atmosphere, this is
For such a small guy he sure can carry a lot of cans
Max is gone for the weekend so she gave me the task to upload the page. Little does she know is that I messed up and and set my neighbors house on fire in my first attempt to upload, if anyone asks it was the dog.
@Fokkusu: Exactly!
Zeggy didn't just cross the line a long time ago, he took a looooong leap over it and now he's getting hit with the consequences. It is a hard lesson to learn, but it's better now than ever even if Joe is being extremely harsh.
Also Joe and Zeggy have been yelling at each other since March. They've been fighting for almost two months straight. I find this fact incredibly funny.
I know Zeggy is panicking right now, but fuck that reaction is the worst. You're not exactly helping yourself here Zeg, goddamn.
All praise goddess Max for this beautiful page <3
Sometimes I wonder if ANYONE actually pays attention of their lessons in this school
Poor kid, he didn't even have a chance
TK isn't very good at making friends, maybe that's why he only has Tetsu...
Joe is the friend everybody needs but hates to listen to