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In the words of a close friend:

"You're such a fucking nerd, lmao."

you can call me Roabie if it tickles your pickle.
It's weed, not a cigarette guys.

Moral dilemna, but I'd say ut's no where near as bad as a cigarette.
They subtle flirting they added between these two is so fucking adorable. I love to think that "I'm your huckleberry" is a line he'd pull on Hanzo loool
So I'm curious. Is it just Aidan really craving the sex or is it a side effect of succubi? Like, if they have sex with people, does that person start to crave them? Or again, is it just Aidan being really horny lool
sooo blushie.

too cute. i want to hug him
I cried a little. Oh boy.

I've never had an attack that bad. It's all totally internal and I have some control over it, but I have hit myself before to try and make it stop.
Rowan Buchanan
November 25th, 2016
Aidan is me. I relate so much, man.
Man, Bailey probably can't even see out of his glasses anymore lmao.
My feet are fuglier than sin, lol. If I ever wear sandles, I find that polish can make them look slightly nicer if not distract from the ugly.
Leonend, I just hope that Trump puts his VP on a back burner. Pence is a monster. Anyone who supports shock therapy on the LGBT is an absolute animal.

But we shouldn't bring this here. Comics should just keep as a safe haven x_x. You're lovely, Lucid.
I woke up early this morning. Just as I was about to drift back to sleep, Avialae flashed in my head and I was up immediately lel
Does drawing all those freckles ever making you want to die lmao
I'll be a Menji shipper until the day I die.

But I'll admit I only like Hancree because they're hot and fanfics, lmao.

Altho for Winston, I actually imagine he has a crush on Tracer while she views him platonically. Sad, ikr.
That concerened face too cute tho
When your bro isn't as dumb as you once thought.

I know that feel
I predict a stiffy.
Rowan Buchanan
October 3rd, 2016
The moment when the guy you've been making out with walks off with his girlfriend.

Yikes :p


So happy.
@stupid bug: I think Gannet admitted to himself that he liked Bailey. Some of this could be him tryna escape all this, but he definitely feels something in return, I think.
Then those girls be like, "THE HOT ONES ARE ALWAYS GAY!"
@grandi: bruh

scroll down, feeling a 'lil sad and your comment is the first I see