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I love to read.
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Colors may be your enemies, but your comic hit me like an arrow through the heart because of how you combine colors. This comic has such a fun color scheme! You have a good eye in how to work with colors that you'd normally wouldn't think compliment one another and make them look spectacular on the page.

The lighting in this page is gorgeous. I love the peeks of sunlight in the shade of the trees. So wonderfully done. :)

And Julian, as always, is just so handsome.

I can't wait to see what you'll be doing with Hendrix and Julian in a school setting again! <3
Yooo! I wish I knew all of the art terms to compliment this work the way it deserves because you do such a beautiful job artistically and storytelling-wise. Like, I am in awe at the little things sometimes. Paneling is always gorgeous, like you don't miss a beat, and there is always a very natural flow from one panel to the next, even when scenes change! And story-wise, the dialogue is perfection, narration has been fantastic, the choice in what to include in what panel is so well done. And your characters are so defined and expressive!

I am in love! <3

AND this page is super cute!
Yes! I've been waiting for these pre-orders to open! I'll be cutting it super close to the deadline, but I'm so excited for this!
August 14th, 2017
Thank you for the update! And that lovely fanart made me laugh, so accurate!

I really enjoyed this page -- really, I've enjoyed the whole scene in the shower because Yrkki is being so vocal about his wants. The dialogue has been very strong in this scene because it manages to flesh out both of your characters, adding more to their already complex personalities. We are seeing different shades of them, in a sense, and that is very good storytelling.

Plus, I really love that this is coming from a place of love in Yrkki, that he wants to do whatever he can to mend Taavi's friendship with the dickish cop, and that Taavi might be a little more closed off since he doesn't want to have Yrkki and the cop interact, which makes it all the more interesting for a reader to want to figure out a reason why.

Anyhow, I'm getting carried away.

Fantastic work as always. I do truly love what you are doing with this comic and can't wait to read more.
Thank you so much for all the work that you've done thus far for this project. I wish you the best in both your career and your health!

Your storytelling and art made for a gorgeous combination. <3
Honestly, I enjoy the shit out of this story. I have no coherent way of saying this (because school has devastated me and my grasp on the English language), but you do storytelling real well. Like damn. Engaging, easy to follow, concrete dialogue, solid characterization, awesome flashback here by the way. Like damn. Just damn.

Keep up the fantastic work!
January 13th, 2017
Your art style, seriously, I die for it! It's so fantastic and unique! I love it!
January 4th, 2017
OMFG!I love that that's how Tavvi was inspired to be a cop. He's a riot. I love him!

Thank you for the update! <3
November 26th, 2016
Bless you for this double update! You angel, you.
September 15th, 2016
That is exactly what he should put in that report. It'd make it the most interesting report to ever reach his superior's desk.

"My ass brought down this gang."

Beautiful art, very interesting story! I'll be following this from now on! Lovely work! <3
July 11th, 2016
Thank you so much for the update! I am loving these developments! It would've been so easy for Cortland to just knock Spence out, but he's chosen to stay in control. And Ian, oh Ian, how you have grown! Irena is lovely, she's there and ready to defend her friend if necessary! I love love love it!
Destroy him, Julian!
Takashi looks so cute in that last panel!
She is so adorable! I agree! :) Thank you for the update!
November 14th, 2015
Your art and coloring skills are amazing!!! I love it and your story is so cute and interesting! :) Don't worry about the text-heaviness! You are driving the story forward! You have had such incredible pacing! Keep it up! <3
These two are just making me melt! Julian is so precious and understanding! It will be okay Hendrix! Julian will protect your heart!
OH MY GOD! You got me at the edge of my seat~

Never have I ever anticipated sexy time as much as I have with this webcomic - your wonderful art and coloring style are such a treat, I don't doubt that they're contributing factors.
I have faith in your storytelling and that you will make whatever comes out of this sexy sexy sex scene will be done wonderfully. So draw on! Draw on, child!

Now, Imma sit here and look forward to your upcoming updates! I'm so excited!
Julian! He's so precious! And he is dishing out all the good advice. So, take it Hendrix! Stop being a prick! D:

Ahh yess a kiss, too! Love this!
The suspense! This is why I love this webcomic! I can make assumptions of what's going to happen next, and whether I'm right or wrong, you still manage to skillfully leave us in suspense.

I'm at a complete loss with this page, but I love Hendrix's confession. In my opinion, I find it very realistic that those are the reasons he bullied him and also why he's started to like him. I think it's quite sweet.

Damn it Hendrix, stop being so cute! I'm not ready yet! And the eyelash game is out of this universe! D: