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Jonny Canuck
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@LordOfWar867: Brinton is extremely well versed in table etiquette. An acute iron deficiency is making him forget himself slightly.
@Weapon: To be fair, Aetta is well trained at ambushing people.
@peachpunk: *cringe* oh man, poor Brinton, haha.
@Allsmiles: Not uncalled for at all, very appreciated in fact! We love getting well thought out comments, and you summed up the Commissariat nicely.
Hello, I'm Jon and I play Karl Marxmann and Nathanial Brinton. I was originally the Game Master for the Only War campaign this comic is based off of, but I handed it off to the very capable hands of David, our current GM, when I got distracted by something shinny. In an unrelated note, if I ever have a kid David will be the godfather.....

You may have noticed our squad is a mix and match of troopers from several regiments. At a very early point in the story line, before the start of this comic obviously, our regiments all made a grand planet fall together, and suffered horrible loses for our troubles. So badly thrashed were the Imperial forces that all our separate regiments were disbanded due to being critically under strength and we were all rolled up into a compiled regiment. I actually recommend this on a mechanics level for people playing the Only War RPG, as it allows all the players to make their own interesting regiments.

For our lovable Lt. Brinton I crafted together The Callistian 584th Command regiment (The 2nd Sons), an entire regiment of snobbish nobility. Like the rest of the regiment, Brinton is the second son of a powerful noble house and has trained and prepared for the role of leading men into honourable and glorious combat from a young age. The 2nd Sons have a unique structure to their regiment as they are entirely made up of commissioned officers, and rely on a sister (slave?) regiment for their grunts and NCOs.

Karl Marxmanns regiment, The 584th Vladigrad Infantry, holds the unfortunate position of playing partner to the 2nd Sons. Hailing from a penal world, the Vladigradians are not trusted to serve the Imperium faithfully and thus lack their own officers. For further insurance, every Vladigradian has an explosive collar affixed to their neck, which can be set off by any 2nd Son via remote.

Playing two characters at once is fairly uncommon in most RPGs, but it seemed to have worked really well for us. Often our squad would split into two groups, with one of our characters in each one, this let us go after several objectives at once and not leave people out of play. Another benefit was cutting down on NPCs being required in the party, as we had enough characters to cover all the important roles and skills. We still managed to collect a bunch of NPCs along the way, mostly due to Kaiser, she's kind of the crazy cat lady of NPCs....