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The Book -- My main story I'm working on, and /will/ probably keep working on until I'm forced away from my friend Maps when I go off to college.

Poke'World ('s the only thing I truly think of. =P) -- My poke`mon story I'm working on ever since I read 'Just Gotta', which inspired me back to poke`mon and now I'm going to draw this one for fun, but also with a purpose. It's kind of about a virtual pokemon reality. MAJOR wip.

Aki Usagi -- One of my favorites to draw. This one is basically random doodles I make in class, and they'll never be top-notch, and will always be random with no major plot...well, I might add in a few. ;3 One of your newspaper comics, no?
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I was doing this to evade boredom in Art Class, and also because I realized that I hadn't practiced drawing Rio like...ever. :U So I did this off of memory, and I kind of thought to myself, "What the hell, give him arms." =3

Be sure to check the comic page one back.

Oh, and the quality's bad because I put it on a cardstock like piece of paper we were making book pages out of, so it's not really stuff meant to upload via printer on. =/

((Tyto, why didn't you say how much fun it was to draw Rio? >:C))
Why can't I find the storyboards when I need them? The faces are epic there. >:U Butum, the first panel originally had the bench where the bush was, but I guess my memory changed it. ._.; Then again, I didn't think of the cameo until I started thinking about this page again. P:

Yess, it's a cameo. Any guesses as to what? (You can't really find them now. When I originally drew this, like, a month ago [o_o; Sorry] the comic was still up. Now it has started over. ~ooh a clue~)

And if you can figure out which comic I'm talking about, YES, I ship them. c:<

And this is the effect of my new Sakura Pens. I like this page...a LOOOT more than the ones before.

UNFORTUNATELY, the REAL Team Overcharm has died. D: Buuut, I'll keep updating. 'Tis fun. :3 And since Tyto never concluded whether Rio would be a Banette or Shuppet (or whether he'd even be in the second version) I shall say yes, he is, and he's a Shuppet. :3
I think it's likely that they were showing Charmander go through "puberty" in a sense...? Like, pre-teens, they're little jerks who don't understand when they need to do things, and as they grow older, they're stronger, have a bigger attitude, but will give you respect once you earned it...? Idk, when I was younger, I didn't get the metaphor.
This looks amazing! ^^ Great job, this is a great ink job. ^^
I know...I did, but it turned out too big every time. >:C
Wow. Horrible freakin' quality. Didn't get to see this until now because I uploaded it at 10:45 or so and my mom forced me off the computer straight after.


What's your tips to make it so you don't have to compensate quality for kilobytes?

EDIT: Fixed. Put it onto photobucket and just linked it. =3 Also, page 3's ready to be uploaded, just gotta' get off my butt. Though, the new page is with my new awesome pens, so quality's gonna' go up. 8D
Oh my god...this is so beautiful. ^^
Now now...
Now now, Hilaree. You know better than to cheat. ;D Three pokemon against one? D:< Shame on you! XD
Haha, I finally posted something. 8D

Made this not too long ago. I don't ONLY draw Pokemon, but it's something I like, so I draw it pretty often. I also draw canines, humans, ect.

I dunno', I made this not too long ago, but I still like it. Hope you enjoy! ^^;
"Good Felix! Good boy! Does Felix want a stick?"

XD First thing that came to mind.
Uh, hey. I just went to upload something, and realized I couldn't. owo; Somebody give me a hand here?
Jelly: Thank you. ^^ I'm actually really proud of this. owo
Tyto: Lawl, ISN'T IT? xD

Isn't it just...just...

New Banner
Yaaay! I actually put a lot of effort into this. I was originally going to outline them in white, but then I decided against it since it looked even worse. xD

So I left it alone, and just put in a lot of shading. It actually didn't take as long as I thought. What do my two readers think so far? xD I plan on doing another page soon, but I dunno'. I've been sitting around all day and need to move around.
-lip quiver- *~*

-glomp- Thank youuuuuu~<3

That really means a lot to me.
Hmm...seems like your coloring style has changed. Love it! ^^ I admire you for this comic. It's awesomely drawing, brilliantly colored, and still active. W00t!
W00T! Huge update! =D I was just wondering about this comic, too...^^
Yay, I finally uploaded!!! 8D

Soo, the site will be undergoing changes and such. If you have no clue who Sakura previously is, then check my site. Seriously, Team Overcharm's links are EVERYWHERE. o.o;

Hoping to make a good bannar, put some fun icons up for the navigation, ect. At the moment, page two is under construction, but it's not the main focus at the moment. I'm planning to re-do this page, mostly since 1. It looks fine, but it's a bit sketchy (and on notebook paper, bleh), 2. Because I made a mistake and the original version was somehow deleted (-.-), and 3. The next page is going to be tablet made. Yaaay! =D
You know, this reminds me of the older games. (Black and white) The nurse Joy's would be like "Thank you!" and then you'd be clicking 'A', and you wouldn't be able to go for like five minutes. xD
Yes!! I watched you from DA, but this makes it even simpler. ^^ Fav!